Product Review: Medieval lip tint from Lipstick Queen

It is my belief that summer makeup should be light and carefree.  I’m always on the hunt for products that will make me look as though I’m not wearing any makeup, while sneakily improving my features.  When the weather is heating up, I don’t want to slap heavy, highly pigmented products onto my face.  I want to wear something lightweight and natural.


A few weeks ago, I purchased the Medieval lip tint from Lipstick Queen.  It’s a light, rosy-coloured tint that is supposed to replicate the natural, blood-flushed lips that were popular during medieval times.  Apparently, women during this era weren’t allowed to wear makeup, so they rubbed lemons onto their lips to encourage blood flow, which in turn stained their lips a rosy red.




My first impression of this product was that the packaging was gorgeous.  I’ve turned it upside down so that you can see the beautiful artwork on the packet.  The inner sleeve of the package reminds me of a tarot card. The back of this card contains a letter from the products’ creator, Poppy King.



The lipstick comes packaged in a burgundy-coloured metal tube.  It’s very hard-wearing and perfect for throwing into your handbag.




The lippie itself is a gorgeous, glossy red.  I absolutely love whipping out this tube to touch up my lips, because it looks so seductive.


The lipstick has a silky smooth texture, and glides onto the lips with ease. The colour is a super-sheer rose-red.  It would be flattering on most skin colours.  On the lips, it gives a hint of colour and a slightly glossy finish.




It’s perfect for achieving that ‘just been kissed’ look.


This lip-tint is super nourishing.  It’s packed with vitamin E, and leaves my lips so smooth and moisturised.  It’s a far cry from some other lip tints on the market which can be very drying.


The Medieval is relatively long-lasting for a sheer product.  When I wear it, I usually have to reapply a few times a day, particularly after eating.  It wears evenly with no feathering or bleeding.  The colour doesn’t fade quickly either, which is another problem I’ve sometimes found with lip tints.




I reckon this would be the best lippie to wear on Valentines Day.  It will leave your lips smooth and soft for kissing, while adding just a touch of tantalising colour.  It’s light and feminine, and won’t leave smooch-marks on your date.  Best of all, it looks so sweet and natural, your Valentine possibly won’t even realise you’re wearing it.


You can purchase Medieval from the Lipstick Queen online store or through Kit Cosmetics.

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