Things I Love Thursday 7/2/2013

Happy Thursday everyone!  I hope that you’ve had a fab week so far.  Thanks for joining me for Things I Love Thursday, where I share all the little things that have made me giggle and grin throughout the week.

This week, I love:

– My new ottoman, which has been a lifesaver while my ankle has been sore.  It’s so nice to have something comfortable to rest your aching feet on at the end of the day.

– The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides.  I got this from the library last week and I ripped through it in a matter of days.  I have seen the movie a few times, but the book was even better.  It was insanely tragic, but so beautifully written.

DSCF7525My new ring.  I bought this from Sportsgirl during their sale.  It was on clearance and then it had another 30% off, which brought it down to just $3.  I’ve been after some more big, chunky rings to add to my collection, and this one fit the bill perfectly.


– Lazing on the banks of the lake with Ross, holding hands and watching the birds.

– Shortbread cookies

– The stained-glass window at church.

DSCF7513– This Joey Ramone that I made for Ross last week. We’ve been watching Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy.  To be honest, the show isn’t that great, but there are a series of segments about Joey Ramone that we both love:

So when I found some plasticine in a drawer, I decided to make Ross his very own Joey Ramone.  Clearly, my artistic skills leave a lot to be desired.


– Visiting my Nana.  It was her birthday last week, and I bought her a cat kigurumi.  She liked my Stitch one so much that I thought she could do with one of her own.  She loved it, and even tried it on, even though it was stinking hot.


– Yoga.


– Brightly-coloured fingernails


– Having the week off work to let my ankle rest and recover.  It’s lovely to have time to work on my blog and also to chill out and relax.


– Seeing a new doctor this week, who turned out to be absolutely brilliant.


If you’ve had a good week, tell me about all the things that made it so.  If your week hasn’t been so fab, cheer yourself up a little by listing the good things that are shining through the murkiness.  C’mon, tell me, what do you love this Thursday?

Please leave a comment.

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