The Paper Doll Project: Ross

The aim of The Paper Doll Project is to get a fresh perspective on my style, to encourage me to get more wear out of the things I already own and to wear things in new ways. To do this, I’ll be inviting one of my friends to go through my wardrobe and create a couple of outfits for me.


This is the third post in the Paper Doll Project series.  It’s been over a year since I last did a Paper Doll post.  The reason for that is simple: since I moved to the country, it’s been nigh on impossible to organize for any of my mates to come and visit.  So no visits from friends means no opportunities to have them go through my wardrobe.  In spite of that hiccup, I really do love these posts, so I decided to roll up my sleeves and look a bit harder for someone to contribute to this series.


I didn’t have to look very far.  Today’s guest is my boyfriend Ross.  Ross and I have been together for almost nine years.  Ross loves comic books, video games, science fiction, art and films.


Ross went through my wardrobe and put together two outfits for me.


DSCF7488I am wearing:

– Blue circle shirt (thrifted)

– Purple and green tie-dyed shirt (thrifted)

– Lee Riders jeans

– Blue suede heels from Tony Bianco




What do I think of this outfit?

In short, I love it.  This shirt is one of my all-time favourite things to wear.  I’m also not surprised that Ross chose to use this in one of his outfits, because this is the exact shirt that I was wearing on the night we first met.  I love the way that Ross mixed the two different prints together.  The colours are really complimentary and the contrasting prints keeps the look interesting.  These jeans go perfectly with the heels Ross picked.  This outfit is the kind of thing I would choose for myself to wear.


DSCF7530I am wearing:

– White zippered hoodie from Westco

– Black patent leather corset belt (gift from Ross)

– Black leather fingerless gloves (gift from my friend Tom)

– Black Versace jeans (thrifted)

– Black and white comic book heels from Betts.




What do I think of this outfit?

To be honest, I had expected Ross to choose outfits that were pretty sexy with a bit of a pin-up edge.  So when he showed me the first outfit, I was surprised at how casual it was.  When I saw this outfit, I was like, “Yeah, that’s more along the lines of what I expected”.  I love wearing these jeans with a pair of super-high heels.  They’re a tiny bit long on me, so they look great with heels or platforms.  I’m not at all shocked that Ross went for these comic-printed heels.  He absolutely adores comic books, so it was inevitable that one of his outfits would include some kind of comic reference.


When I tried this outfit on, I was really unsure of the way this belt looked with the jeans.  These jeans are Versace circa 1993, so they’re quite high waisted.  I worried that pairing the high-waisted jeans with a corset belt would make my butt and thighs look enormous.  Once I saw the photos though, I was pleasantly surprised.  This belt-and-jeans combo really defines my waist and gives me gorgeous curves (where I didn’t really have them before).  I sort of felt like a pin-up biker chick.


The one thing I found interesting about this outfit was the hoodie.  I wouldn’t normally wear this as a top on it’s own.  I usually layer it over a tank top.  However, it looks quite cute when worn on it’s own.


I want to say a huge thank-you to Ross for being such a great sport and participating in this series.  It was really interesting to see what my boyfriend would choose for me to wear, and I was pleasantly surprised by the outfits he created.


What do you think of the outfits Ross chose for me?


P.S: If you’d like to see the other two posts in this series, you can click here to see the outfits my friend Mandie chose for me, or here to see what my mate Kath created.




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