Daily outfit 4/2/2013

Seriously, 2013, do you really plan to zip by this quickly?  It feels like only moments ago that I was celebrating new year’s, and now it’s February.  Sheesh!  Just slow down already.

I wore this outfit to hang around the house, watch many episodes of Sex and the City, crochet and go out with my Nana for her birthday.



I get so many comments from readers telling me how much they love it when I wear bright colours.  Let me tell you, even though I adore my brights, I am a huge fan of black-and-white outfits.  I think it’s my inner teen goth who revels in pairing these two stark shades together.


I am wearing”

– White tee shirt with rose print from Sass and Bide

– Sportsgirl skull scarf

– Black and white pleated skirt from CKM

– Jolly Roger ballet flats from Shoe Bizarre

– Mismatched earrings (one from the chemist, one found during a walk in the park)

– Jade bracelet which belonged to my mother

– Liquorice allsorts ring

– Amethyst ring

– Brown resin ring from the Violet Town thrift store.


I’ve wanted a scarf just like this for ages.  I’ve found a couple that were O.K, but not exactly what I was looking for.  When Ross and I were shopping last weekend, I found this beauty at Sportsgirl.  The print is perfect, the fabric is so soft and the scarf is massive.  Plus it was heavily discounted, so I only paid $8 for it.  Score!



DSCF7506As you can see, I’m still in flats.  It turns out that I’ve hurt my ankle a lot more seriously than I previously thought.  I have had to take a week off work because I can’t really walk far or be on my feet for more than a few minutes.  I went to the doctor two days ago and she thinks I may have torn a ligament in my ankle.  I had an x-ray yesterday and I’m waiting for results.


DSCF7508I had fun with my makeup today.  When I started getting ready, I originally wanted to have fairly light eye makeup and dark lips.  Then I did my brows and they turned out darker than I’d intended, but I really liked the look.  I just decided to run with it, and use some darker brown shades on my eyes. Overall, I am very happy with the way this look turned out.


It only occurred to me just now, but this look isn’t terribly different from my White Queen makeup that I did for Halloween last year.  I used a lot of the same products for my face today.

I hope that you’ve had a fantastic day, and that the week keeps throwing awesome things in your direction.


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