Empire Records style

I absolutely love Empire Records.  I can watch it over and over and never tire of it.  I love the humour, I love the soundtrack and I adore the costumes.  As we seem to be experiencing a bit of a 90’s revival, I thought that this was the perfect time to take a look at the style of Empire Records.  I’ve put together an outfit for each of my favourite characters.  So dust off your distressed denim and give your Doc Martens a polish, because here we go…


  To get this look, layer a black turtleneck over a pair of form-fitting jeans.  I’ve replaced Lucas’s sneakers with a pair of motorcyle boots: much better for racing off to Atlantic City (although not so great for chasing shoplifters).  To finish the look, slip on an accessory with  a touch of leopard print (to mirror the upholstery of the counch that Lucas is banished to).


A.J has always been my favourite character.  He’s smart, he’s witty and he’s pants-meltingly gorgeous.  A.J’s look is very distressed and undone.  The jeans are torn, the cardigan is baggy and the signet ring has a few chips and scuffs.  Select a 70’s inspired print shirt to slip under your too-big cardi and finish off the look with a pair of clunky boots.


To get Corey’s “Too cool for school” look, grab a tartan kilt and add a soft-as-kittens sweater in a pale shade.  Create a hard edge by popping on a pair of Dr Martens.  I’ve added a few quirky touches to this outfit.  The T-Rex earrings (to reference Corey’s misguided crush on Rex Manning) and a lunchbox in lieu of a handbag.  Y’know, for bringing Rex his lunch.


Gina’s outfit is super-sexy.  I’ve swapped out her leopard mini-skirt for something a little more rauncy and racy, with a touch of leather.  Gina wears a fairly demure cardigan, although she destroys it’s innocence by unbuttoning it over a red bra.  In true 90’s style, she rocks a pair of towering clogs with cork platforms.  Gina’s outfit wouldn’t be complete without a pack of M&Ms.  After all, drawing M&Ms is the only fair way to decide who gets to control the stereo.


It’s tricky to make Mark’s baggy skater outfit look feminine.  I’ve made it a bit more lady-friendly by choosing a more form-fitting shirt that is cut to emphasise the curve of a woman’s hips.  I’ve swapped his baggy cargo pants for a pair of cute harem pants.  This outfit still has Mark’s playful vibe, but it’s a bit more modern and flattering. Don’t forget to accessorize this outfit with some chunky silver chains.


Debra’s look is sexy in a whole other way.  It’s comprised of items that are ripped and frayed to show off her tattoos and pale skin.  It’s made up almost entirely of neutral colours, save for the cheeky peek of bright orange bra.  If you’re rocking this look, pick a pair of shoes that are slightly distressed, with sky-high heels and some chunky studs.

Damn the man, save the Empire!

Are you a fan of Empire Records?  Who’s your favourite character?  Which one would you be most likely to take style direction from?


  1. Empire Records is my all time favourite movie 🙂 I remember seeing it when it came out and I was about 16 and I had never seen anything so freeing and unconventional, that was probably when I realised I could be different and awesome!

    • It is such a fantastic movie. I can honestly say that watching it for the first time was something of a turning point for me. It’s always great to find other people who love it too!

  2. I loved Mark’s character. I also loved Warren Beatty too. I’d probably be more likely to wear the Lucas outfit, though. Love the motorcycle boots.

    • Warren is one of my favourite characters too. I had to draw a line when I was creating the outfits though. There are so many characters that if I’d done an outfit for all of them the post would have gotten ridiculously long. I left out Warren, Joe, Jane, Rex Manning, Eddie and Berko. I might have to do a follow-up to this post in a few weeks with outfits for the rest of the cast!

  3. I love ALL of them!!! Corey would have to be my favorite though 😀 I don’t know the show but you sure make me want to watch it… Although at the moment it’s Dr Who for me!

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