1920’s makeup tutorial

Today I’ve finally gotten around to filming a video tutorial for my Murder on the Puffing Billy Express look.


I wore this costume all the way back in October, and I’ve been meaning to film a tutorial for it ever since then.  Bad blogger!  Well, I’ve finally done it.

This is a really overdone makeup look.  In the 1920’s (as it is today) celebrities and movie stars had a huge impact on fashion.  As silent-film stars had to wear heavy makeup so that their features would show up on camera, it became fashionable for women to wear quite heavy makeup, with all of the features highlighted and exaggerated.

This isn’t exactly a wearable look.  It’s perfect for costumes though.  If you wanted, you could easily make this work for everyday wear by choosing one element (either the lips, the eyes or the brows) and wearing that with more pared-down makeup.  I wouldn’t wear this full look as your day-to-day makeup.


Something that I find interesting with this look is that the makeup isn’t really blended.  To get the look, I just placed the makeup on my face, and didn’t really blend it at all.  This gives the eyes and cheeks a slightly harsh appearance, but it’s more accurate to the look of the 1920’s.  Once again, you could make this look more wearable by blending the features to soften them a little.



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