Things I Love Thursday 3/1/2013

Woo-hoo!  It’s the first Things I Love Thursday for 2013!  Are you ready to dive in? Great, let’s get to it.

This week I love:

-Ringo’s fascination with the Christmas tree.  The little tyke loved napping underneath it and snuggling the presents.



-Skyping with my little cousins on Christmas morning.  It was adorable.

– Wearing my Stitch Kigurumi over to Mum and Dad’s place to open Christmas presents.

– Making plans to be baptised this year.

-The fact that our cats loved their Christmas presents this year.  We bought them a cat apartment, with several levels for climbing, cubby holes to crawl into and scratching posts.  Jelly loved it so much she spent the entire day sleeping on it, surrounded by the new mice she got from my parents.



– My epic Christmas haul.  I got some pretty fab presents this year that I needed to share with you guys.

DSCF7266Ross got me an awesome eyeshadow palette with so many delightful colours.  I want to use them all at once (but that would look terrible, so I’m sticking to one or two at a time).

DSCF7270He also got me this bottle of Katy Perry perfume.  He believed that I would like it solely based on the fact that the bottle is shaped like a kitty.  What can I say?  The boy knows me well.  The perfume itself is lovely too: very fruity.

DSCF7268I also got this Nightmare Before Christmas mug from Ross.  It was perfect timing because I broke my favourite Hogwarts mug on Boxing Day.  When you pour hot water into the mug, the background changes.  It’s way cool.

DSCF7273I was lucky enough to receive two teapots.  The big one is from my parents and the little one is from my boss.


These tree ornaments came from Ross’s uncle and his girlfriend.

DSCF7272This gorgeous handbag was a gift from Ross’s sister.

DSCF7275Ross’s uncle also got us this kick-ass Harry Potter lego boardgame.  I am really looking forward to playing this one.

DSCF7276And my brother got me this Discworld board game. I had no idea that this even existed until I unwrapped it on Christmas morning.

DSCF7278I was very excited to get this crochet set from my parents.  It has such a brilliant range of hooks, and my mind is spinning with ideas for projects now.

My other gifts included a giant bottle of gin, chocolates, a pretty apron, Alice in Wonderland buttons, a jewellery box, an ottoman, Coca Cola lipsmackers, A box set of Jamie Oliver’s cook books, a photography book of dogs underwater and a gigantic stash of yarn from my Nana.

–  Wreck it Ralph.  Ross and I went to see it on Boxing Day.  We picked a session time that coincided with The Hobbit, which was perfect because the cinema was deserted.  I adored Wreck it Ralph.  I might go out on a limb and say that it’s my favourite Pixar film ever.

What are you loving this week?  And what did you get for Christmas?  Don’t be shy, leave a comment and tell me all about it.



  1. Eee! Great presents! I love the bag! I have the Katy Perry perfume, I love the container, but luckily it does smell nice!!

  2. I love that perfume! I got it for the exact same reason, haha. Well, that and it’s the only perfume that I found that didn’t make me sneeze. But the bottle always makes me smile ^^

  3. You and I have such similar tastes! Those eyeshadows are beautiful and I love that perfume bottle! For Christmas, Jen’s parents bought us each a month sub for Star Wars: The Old Republic, our new fav game! It’s a SW MMORPG! They also got us each a tablet, which is what I am on right now! I got a leather jewelry box and art stuff, while Jen got a humidor amd cigars for us to share! Plus stuff from our sisters!

  4. wreck it ralph- suprisingly not a pixar movie just disney they only realese one pixar movie a year and i think the new one coming out this pear is monsters university a prequel to monsters inc

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