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Happy Boxing Day!  I hope that you had a truly fantastic Christmas yesterday.  I hope that you have an equally splendid day today, no matter what your plans.  I figure that some of you are probably planning on hitting the shops to either return your dud gifts or take advantage of the crazy sales.  Some of you might be heading to the movies today to check out one of the fab new release films.  My plans include heading to the movies with Ross to watch Wreck it Ralph and relaxing at home.

For those of you who are having a quiet day (perhaps recovering from over-eating or -drinking yesterday), I’ve put together a link-up to keep you entertained.  Here are a host of my most popular posts.  Enjoy!


– Leggings.  They seem to be one of the most divisive articles of clothing. Here’s my how-to guide for rocking leggings.

– While we’re talking about tricky clothing trends, I also wrote a post about wearing underwear as outerwear that is one of my most-visited posts.

– And for good measure, I’ve also thrown in my views on 90’s fashion trends that should stay in the 90’s.

– This review of Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love Bootcamp has been shared like crazy.  It’s even been featured on Get Off My Internets.

– Are you aiming to make your blog even more awesome in 2013?  Here’s a few tips to get you started.

– I’ve done a lot of style posts inspired by films or books, but my Avengers Style post is by far the most popular of them all.

– One of the most common beauty questions I get asked is ‘How do I make my eyes look bigger?’  Like this!

I don’t like Pride and Prejudice.  And it seems as though plenty of you agree with me!


– I’ve been writing a Things I Love Thursday list every week for the past three years.  But this one is the one you guys like the best.

– And finally, this post about Romancing Yourself generated a huge positive response from my readers.  We could all stand to review this advice from time to time.

So snuggle up on the couch, grab yourself a cup of coffee (or a glass of water if you need to re-hydrate!) and click through this treasure trove of my very best posts.

How are you spending Boxing Day?


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