Things I Love Thursday 20/12/2012

Oooh, it’s the last Things I Love Thursday before Christmas.  There’s only five more sleeps to go until the big day.  Here are some of the many things that I’m grateful for this week.

– Blowing off a morning of work to have a cup of tea with my mother.  We don’t get to do it very often, so when she invited me over, I jumped at the chance.  I’m so glad that I did.

DSCF7171 -The super-awesome birthday cake I baked for Ross.   He had asked for a rainbow cake, and this is what I came up with.

DSCF7172I was so pleased with the end result.  It was slightly nerve-wracking, because I had no way of checking whether the cake had turned out the way I wanted until we cut it.  Luckily, it looked exactly the way I hoped it would.  Ross was thrilled with it too (and it tasted delicious).


– Customers who smile and say “Merry Christmas”

– Gift wrapping.  I find it oddly soothing.

– Ross’s boss.  She took everyone at Ross’s work, as well as their partners, out for an incredible meal to celebrate the holidays.  She’s incredibly generous and according to Ross she’s also brilliant to work for.

– My little cousin Jo.  She turned two during the week, and I bought her a big tub full of play food.  Upon opening it, she dug through until she found a plastic ice-cream.  Then she ran over to her nana, held it out to her and asked “Sprinkles?”

-Our Christmas tree.  We finally put it up and I think it looks beautiful:



DSCF7180Pretty, huh?  I had such a great time decorating it.  Ross and I spent an afternoon putting the tree together and making it look perfect.

Ross’s family has a tradition where they always listen to the vinyl of “A Christmas Together” by John Denver and The Muppets while they decorate their Christmas tree.  Ross was  a bit sad that he wouldn’t get to carry on that tradition this year.  I managed to find a copy of “A Christmas Together” on CD, and I ordered it from Amazon.  I surprised Ross with it as an early Christmas present.  We listened to it while we trimmed our tree, and it really set the mood.  I think it will become one of our Christmas traditions.

Here are a few close ups of some of my special ornaments.

DSCF7184I bought these birds months ago, because they reminded me of these beautiful ornaments that my grandmother hangs on her tree.  They have real feather tails and they perch on top of the branches.

DSCF7186This one is my favourite, because I love his little face!

DSCF7181In keeping with the bird theme, I bought this peacock from Myer.

DSCF7182This red shoe is on our tree to remind us of Ross’s grandmother.  She passed away four years ago.  She absolutely loved the colour red, and she was particularly partial to red shoes.

DSCF7183I also got four of these glass angels and they’re dotted all over our tree.  They’re so delicate and lovely.

What do you love this week, sweetheart?  Leave a comment and make it a big one, filled with Christmas cheer!


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