Daily outfit 19/12/12

I’m getting seriously excited for Christmas, you guys.  Each day I feel a shiver of anticipation, because we’re one day closer to Christmas Day.  But I also feel a bittersweet twinge, because once Christmas is over, I have to wait an entire year before it’s here again.  To cheer myself up about the impending passing of Christmas, I put together an outfit comprising bright colours and fun prints.


I bought this top about eleven years ago, and it’s still one of my favourite pieces.  I love the swirling disco print, the one-shoulder cut and the slinky fabric.  I bought it around the time when the Charlie’s Angels films caused a mass invasion of 70’s fashion pieces.  It’s the sort of piece that could date very easily, but I modernize it by wearing it with block colours and structured heels.

DSCF7189I am wearing:

– Black and white one-shoulder top from Westco

– Pink pencil skirt from Supre

– Plastic dangling earrings from a junk shop

– Betts comic book platform heels

– Giant pink stone ring from the Queen Victoria Markets

– Amethyst ring

– Silver filigree bangle (gift from my parents)

– Wizard of Oz watch (gift from Ross’s parents)

DSCF7190I really love this outfit.  I feel like a pin-up girl in my slinky skirt and gigantic shoes.

DSCF7192 So in the end, this wound up being the perfect outfit to distract me from my Christmas-anticipation-malaise.



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