Things I Love Thursday 13/12/2012

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.  I’m in a brilliant mood and ready to leap on this Things I Love Thursday.  Let’s do this thing!

This week, I love:

– Finishing my Christmas shopping and posting my Christmas cards.  I feel so organized!

– Bing Crosby.  Listening to him croon away on the stereo just makes it feel like Christmas.

DSCF7148– Jelly’s discovery of yarn.  She’s never really been interested in yarn before, but the other night while I was crocheting, she was like “Hells yes, this stuff is awesome!”  She chased the yarn around until she was worn out.  Then she let me take photographs of her covered in yarn tangles.


– Crocheting.  I’ve finished a couple of projects this week:

DSCF7166I’m so pleased with how this cowl worked out.  I didn’t use a pattern for it, I just whipped it up from a picture in my mind.  It looks great on too.  I’m selling it in my etsy store.

DSCF7170I also finished my bobble blanket!  I’ve been working on this for over two months, and it was such a relief to finish it.  I am so pleased with it.  I was a bit worried about whether it would work out because it was a very big project for a novice crocheter, but I am so proud of the finished product.

DSCF7169I just love the colours in it.

Sadly though, It’s sitting in the linen cupboard because it’s far too hot to even think about using it.  Oh well, it will come in handy next winter!

– When my cats take naps together.  They don’t usually get along, so it’s great that they’re being so affectionate.  Maybe the Christmas spirit is rubbing off on them?

– Hot weather.  I know that most people can’t stand it, but I love summer.

Fuck Yeah, Ugly 90’s Clothes.  I can’t tell you how much work has not been done because of this tumblr


I hope you’ve had an exquisite week!  What are you loving this Thursday?  Feel free to leave a comment telling me all about it.

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