Daily outfit 3/12/2012

A few weeks back, my grandmother had a massive cleaning frenzy, which ended with her handing me a bag of clothes with instructions to go through it and keep whatever I wanted.  In among a bunch of gorgeous scarves, there was this red ruffled top.  Now, as a rule I don’t like ruffles.  But the colour of this blouse and the button-down-the-back detail tickled my fancy, so I decided to keep it and wear it once to see if I like it.

I’m so pleased that I did:

I absolutely love the way this top looks when I wear it.  I’m obsessed with billowy sleeves at the moment, so this is perfect for slaking my sartorial desires. The colour is perfect and it’s so cool and comfortable.

I am wearing:

– Red ruffled blouse (vintage)

– Black and white pinstripe pants (thrifted)

– Black Nine West snakeskin heels (thrifted)

– Gold hoop earrings

– Amethyst ring

I asked my grandmother about this blouse, and she said that she bought it in the late 60’s from a little boutique.  Apparently she used to wear it a lot, but she now feels that it’s too bright for her.  Even though it’s seen a lot of wear, this blouse is in immaculate condition. I’m so pleased to have a grandmother who is as anal-retentive about proper clothes storage as I am.

Oh, and it has an adorable row of buttons down the back.  I love little details like this.  They really help to make a piece stand out.


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