My tips and tricks for taming pin curls.

I got a lovely request from one of my readers last week, who wanted me to answer some questions about pin curls.  In particular, she was having difficulty brushing out her curls without them turning into a frizzy mess.  She also wanted some suggestions for ways to style pin curls.

I decided the best way to answer her questions was in a video.  So I’ve made this little vlog in which I talk about my pin-curling tips and tricks.


In this video, I’m talk about:

– How I usually wear my pin curls

– How to minimize frizz when you’re combing out your pin curls

– Whether or not you need to curl your hair when you’re wearing your hair up

– Pin curl setting patterns for perfect up-dos.

– Curling your hair to make vintage hair styles easier.


If you’d like to request a topic for me to write about, please feel free to ask.  You can leave a comment, or email me at


Happy curling!



  1. Oops, I totally thought I commented yesterday, but Thank you for this helpful video! I will for sure try some of these tips! I’ll have to email you a photo of one of the updos I was trying, but I think you’re right about brushing the hair back, rather than down and then trying to get it to go back. As well as the pomade, that would be a good thing to try as well. 🙂

    • I’m so pleased that you found it helpful. Pin curls can be tricky to wrangle, but if you’re firm with them they’ll eventually do what you want them to! I’d love to see some pictures of the updos you were trying!

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