15 ways to romance yourself

Most of us could do with a little more romance in our lives.  Sadly, it can be hard to come by, particularly if you’re relying on somebody else to do all the wooing.  Never fear though, because I’ve come up with fifteen suggestions of ways that you can romance the most important person in your life: yourself.

1. Buy yourself a beautiful bunch of flowers.  Display them proudly on your desk or table.

2.  Write a short love note to yourself.  Use a coloured pen to write “you’re gorgeous”, “You’re incredible” or another similar sentiment on a small piece of paper.  Now wedge that paper between the pages of your favourite book, in the pocket of your winter coat or into the coin pouch of your purse.  It will come as a lovely surprise down the track when you find it again.

3. Before you go to work, strip the sheets off your bed and replace them with fresh, clean linens.  Make the bed and sprinkle rosewater on the pillows.  Place a set of perfectly-folded pyjamas on the pillow.  When you get home from work, a comfortable haven will be waiting for you.

4. Spend an afternoon lying on the grass reading a lovely book.

5. Take yourself out for a decadent morning tea.  Choose a delectable slice of cake and wash it down with your hot beverage of choice.

6. Stand in front of the mirror and proudly proclaim, “I love my body.  I love my thighs, my hips and my tummy.  I appreciate all the incredible things that my body allows me to do.  I am perfect exactly the way I am”.  For bonus points, do this naked.

7. Buy yourself a special little treat.  A yummy variety of herbal tea?  A cute pair of earrings?  A fun new shade of lippy?  Just pick up a little something to pop a smile on your face.

8. Think of something that you’ve always wanted to try.  Perhaps you’d love to learn how to salsa dance.  Or maybe you’ve never been camping and you’d like to give it a try.  Maybe you’ve been dreaming about dying your hair an outrageous shade.  Now do one thing to make that dream a reality.  Book in for dance lessons, take some holidays or buy a bottle of dye.  The first step is the hardest one.

9.  Book yourself in for a massage, a facial or a pedicure.

10. Write a poem about your virtues, all the things you’re good at and everything that makes you awesome.

11. Slip into your sexiest, raunchiest lingerie set.  Now, pop your regular clothes on over the top.  Your naughty underthings will remain your own private secret for the rest of the day.

12.  Run yourself a bubble bath.  Luxuriate in the bubbles with a magazine, a plate of fresh-cut fruit and a glass of champers.

13. Go on a movie date with yourself.  Choose a film that you’ve been dying to see and head off on your own to check it out.  You won’t have to share your popcorn and there’ll be nobody to tell you off if you laugh too hard.

14. Take a mental health day.  Skive off work and spend the day doing whatever takes your fancy.  You don’t even have to leave the house if you don’t want to, just do whatever makes you smile.

15. Create an affirmation and say it to yourself regularly.  It could be something deep and profound or something shockingly simple.  For example, my favourite affirmation is, “Fuck, I’m awesome!”

Tell me about some of the nice things you like to do for yourself!

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  1. Well Merry Christmas to u.. not so much for me but I’m trying to be important in my own life.I always put everybody and everything before myself. And I feel like nobody puts me first so I’m trying to love myself and make myself a priority .so I stumbled across this and I think it’s awesome and very necessary for me. Thanks for sharing

    • I’m so glad that you found this at a time when you needed it. I think it’s really important for all people to take the time out to nurture themselves. I hope you’re feeling a bit better, and I’m sending love and healing thoughts your way.

  2. I love, love, love this post. I’m a HUGE believer in self love, and self care and practice my own version as often as I can. I also have an amazing wife who treats me like gold, and I hope she’d say the same about me, so we often have girly total self love nights together. Sometimes that’s spa like indulges, or heart-to-hearts over wine, writing little wishlists for our lives or working on spiritual inner journeys or journeys together. (We’re both Pagan and we’re our own little coven.) Love this list, seriously.

    • Glad to hear it! It sounds like you’ve got a good handle on the self-love concept, which is fab.
      I get plenty of romance from my significant other, but sometimes it’s nice to do something special for yourself too.

  3. Excellent suggestions. Too often we care for everyone but ourselves. No wonder we get crabby and burnt out.

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