Product review: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial oil free range.

Every year, I face a skin crisis when the weather starts to heat up.  My face always breaks out after the first few hot days of the year.  I think this is because sweat pushes the grit and goo that’s been clogging my pores all winter to the surface, and a mass of pimples ensue.

Usually, I switch up my beauty products with the change of the seasons.  My skin’s needs are different in each season, so it stands to reason that I should use different products to accommodate those needs.  When Kiehl’s sent me their new Ultra Facial oil-free range to try, I was over the moon.  It promised to be just the thing to deal with my temperamental summer skin.

My skin tends to be much oiler in summer, because the heat makes the natural oils in the skin flow more freely.  I’m also more prone to breakouts in the hot weather.  Switching to an oil-free product range seemed like a good idea.

The cleanser is the cat’s pyjamas.  I am so pleased with this product.  It foams nicely and works quickly to clean your face.  It dissolves dirt, oil and makeup and rinses off easily.  It comes in a handy tube which is great for keeping in the shower.  After cleansing, my face felt really clean, but it didn’t have that tight, dry feeling that often comes with a foaming cleanser.  The product has a very light, barely noticeable scent, so it’s perfect for people who are sensitive to perfume.

The toner was probably my least favourite product from this range.  On the plus side, it felt really gentle on my skin and didn’t have any strong scent.  However, my skin didn’t have that ‘refreshed’ feeling I get after using my regular toner.  I wasn’t convinced that this was actually doing a good job at removing leftover bits of cleanser and grime from my skin.  To test this, I gave my face a swipe with my regular toner after using the Kiehl’s toner.  The cotton pad I used came away spotted with grime.  Although this is a lovely gentle toner, I’m not really pleased with the way it performed.

The gel facial cream was a pleasant surprise.  I’ve never been a fan of facial gels.  I’ve always found them to be either too slimy to be absorbed into the skin or else they don’t provide enough hydration.  This one sunk into the skin really quickly.  It left no sheen at all on my face, and my skin had a rather matte appearance after application.  It provided a great base for my makeup.  It didn’t feel super hydrating, but in summer, my face usually doesn’t need a heavy moisturiser.  This cream will be perfect for keeping my skin fresh and supple in summer.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the products from this range.  I’ve been using the cleanser and the facial gel with my normal toner, and my skin is looking great.  I’ll continue to use these products during summer, to keep my oily skin under control and to keep breakouts at bay.


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