Daily outfit 16/11/2012

I’ve been having loads of fun playing around with vintage hairstyles lately.  When the temperature starts to rise, wearing my hair down is just not an option.  My hair is so heavy that it makes me feel like I’m wearing a huge blanket around my shoulders.  It sticks to my forehead and neck and the humidity makes it go limp in no time.  So cute vintage up-dos are the way to go.  Fingerwaves are my new favourite style, and I’ve been using them to jazz up a simple bun.

I am wearing:

– Pink polka dot dress from Target

– Cream lace bolero from Supre

– Black brogues from Rubi shoes

– Dragonfly bangle from Kleins

– Amethyst ring

I’m also wearing a new lipstick with today’s outfit.  I treated myself to yet another of the Lipstick Queen Sinner lipsticks.  This one is called Rouge Sinner.  It’s ideal for days when I want to wear a defined lip that isn’t too bright.

I recently rediscovered this little bangle in my jewellery collection.  It was a gift from my parents for my thirteenth birthday.  I had completely forgotten about it until it tumbled out of an old jewellery box a few weeks ago.

Do you have any go-to hair-dos for hot weather?


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