The real reason why your blog isn’t getting any comments.

So often, I hear bloggers complain about the lack of comments on their blogs.  “Nobody ever comments!  Isn’t anyone reading my spectacular work?” they cry.  A lack of comments doesn’t necessarily signal a lack of readers.  Here are a few reasons why readers may not be commenting on your blog:

They have to jump through too many hoops

If you make it too difficult for your readers to leave a comment, most of them won’t bother.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked away without commenting because I had to fill out a huge comment form, enter an illegible captcha code or become a member of a site before I could comment.  It’s important that you make it easy for your readers to comment.  They’re busy people, and even if they think your post is fab, they aren’t going to stick around to jump through too many hoops just to give feedback.

Your call to action is weak or non-existent

If you want comments, you need to prompt your readers to leave one.  You can do this by ending your blog post with a question.  You need to make this call to action clear and obvious.  Ask a simple question, put it in bold font and place it at the end of your post to encourage your readers to respond.

You don’t reply to your comments

Readers are much more likely to leave a comment if they know that you’ll read and reply to it.  Replying to each comment fosters a sense of community on your blog, and it shows your readers that you appreciate their input.  Plus, it gives your readers a reason to check back and read your response at a later date.  If you don’t reply to your comments, your readers may think that you don’t read them, so they might not even see the point in leaving one.

Your content doesn’t evoke a reaction

If you’re publishing content that’s bland, your readers aren’t going to feel compelled to comment on it.  Posts about controversial topics, opinion pieces and interesting content are more likely to evoke a reaction in your reader.  If you find that you always write about the same thing, or your posts are dull and tasteless, you might want to try spicing up your content to see if this encourages more people to read and comment.

Your comment form is hidden

The best blogs have comment forms that are simple to use and are situated in an obvious place, like at the end of each post.  On some blogs, you have to go on a treasure hunt just to locate the comment form.  Trust me when I say that most readers won’t bother to search if your comment form isn’t immediately obvious.  If your comment form is hiding, pull it out into the open and highlight it to encourage comments.

How do you encourage readers to leave a comment on your blog?  What deters you from leaving a comment?


  1. It’s true! A lot of people aren’t even really interested in their readers I feel.. they just want comments on what THEY did. And I have trouble missing comments too! >_<

    • I think it’s really important to create a sense of community for your readers. Some of the best blogs use their post as the starting point for a discussion, and the most interesting part of the post is actually the comments. I really cherish my readers and I like to make sure that they know how important their feedback is to me. I show this by replying to comments and listening to what they have to say.

  2. Sometimes I let my blog reading back up and I rush through reading them and don’t leave comments. 😦 I try to set aside time every day to read blogs so I can have time to actually read and leave comments. And I always try to reply to mine!

    • I do the same thing! I try to read through my blogroll while I have my lunch, but I never seem to get through them all. It can be so hard to keep up when you read lots of blogs.

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