Things I Love Thursday 25/10/2012

I can barely believe that October is almost over!  It feels as though this spooky month has only just begun.  Here we are though, and it’s Thursday again.  Which means that it’s time for me to think back over the last week and tell you about all the things I’m pleased about.

This week I love:

– Surprise tax returns.  I submitted my return a fortnight ago, and my refund was much speedier than I expected.

– Buying things on ebay.  I bought a wig to go with my Halloween costume, and it arrived two days after I placed the order.  The funny thing is, I hadn’t intended to use a wig for my costume, I just decided to see what wigs were available on a whim.  The one I bought cost $6, the shipping was free and I’m really pleased with how it looks.

-Wriggling my toes in the grass.

-Holding Ross’s hand in bed.

-My new TARDIS cookie jar.  It’s beautiful.  Best of all, it makes the whooshing TARDIS noise when you open the lid.

-Jelly begging to come outside

– Making the final preparations for our Halloween party.  It’s going to be epic this year.

-Finally starting projects that have been hanging over my head for ages.  I’ve been putting off work on our garden all year.  I really hate yard work and I don’t fancy spending hours outside pulling weeds.  However, this week I sucked it up and started.  I haven’t made a lot of progress, but at least I’ve done something.

-This photo I took of myself a few days ago.

-Impromptu dinner parties with my parents.

– The fact that my little cousin Abbey has started crawling!  God help us all, because she’s going to be getting into so much mischief now.

What do you love this Thursday?  I’d love to hear about all the things that have been making you smile this week, so please leave a comment with your own Things I Love Thursday list.


  1. I love this blog! Where did you get that tardis cookie jar and how much? My boyfriend is obsessed with Doctor Who and I think it’s something he’d really like for Christmas!

    • Thanks! I got the cookie jar at Armageddon, which is a comic book convention. It was $35. I’ve just done a quick search and there are loads on ebay and to choose from.

  2. It is still Wednesday here in the States. 🙂 I got a package from Scentsy today full of things to make my house smell delicious and I am expecting an eBay package from Australia next week. Also I have a slice of pumpkin cake waiting for me to devour it a little later tonight.

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