Disney Villain style

So, a few weeks ago, I brought you this post about how to dress like your favourite fairy tale heroine.  That’s all well and good, but sometimes, it’s so much more fun to be bad.  So this week, I’ve got some inspiration for you if you’re more inclined to dress like an awesome Disney villain.

The Queen of Hearts  from Alice in Wonderland

To emulate the queen of hearts, keep your colour palette to four shades: black, white, red and yellow.  Choose regal garments with loads of volume, like crinoline petticoats and furry capes.  Add a smattering of The Queen’s favourite motifs: cards, roses and hearts (of course).

Jafar from Aladdin

Bring out your inner sorcerer with an ensemble that combines floating harem pants and sharp-edged shoulders.  Slip a dazzling ring onto one finger and choose a pair of pointy shoes in a luxurious shade of gold.  It can be tricky to get away with wearing a real parrot on your shoulder, so give a little nod to Jafar’s pet, Iago, with a pair of bejewelled parrot earring and a feathered purse.

Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

Find a gorgeous, flowing dress with diaphanous sleeves in the blackest black known to man.  Add accents of purple and green and top with a pair of pointy ears to mirror Maleficent’s wicked headdress.  Finish off with a delightfully deadly raven-skull ring.

Ursula from The Little Mermaid

Squeeze your magnificent curves into a slinky, form fitting dress.  Strappy stiletto heels are both seductive and an echo of Ursula’s tentacles.  Don’t forget to add a nautilus shell necklace and a gigantic pearl ring, because divas like Ursula love a bit of bling.  A slick of red lippie is the perfect finishing touch to this look.

Sid Phillips from Toy Story

Whether you’re smashing toys or breaking  hearts, this outfit is a perfect choice for days when you feel like letting your destructive side reign.  Start with Sid’s signature skull tee shirt and ripped jeans.  Then, don a pair of sparkly sneakers.  A studded backpack is perfect for keeping all your deformed playthings in.  Don’t forget your magnifying glass, which takes the form of a lovely pendant in this outfit.

Scar from The Lion King

This outfit is ideal when you’re in the mood to take a walk on the wild side.  Tease your hair into a gigantic mane and file your nails into pointed claws.  Furry accents, tribal details and strategic tears are perfect for recreating Scar’s untamed look.  Remember to keep everything form-fitting, so that everyone can see your cat-like moves.

Do you have a favourite Disney villain?  If so, how would you dress like them?


  1. Guh! I seriously LOVE these posts! I love how you manage to bring the characters to real life, you get it spot on. Oddly enough, I REALLY love the Jafar one!

    • Thankyou! The ‘in the style of’ posts are some of my favourite ones to write. I have so much fun trying to create wearable, real-life outfits for some of my favourite fictional characters.
      The Jafar outfit actually turned out way better than I expected it to. I think that Scar is my favourite though.

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