Halloween viewing guide 2012

If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of in October, it’s scary movies.  I’m a big fan of anything creepy or kooky, which features ghouls, ghosts or monsters.  If you’re ready to get into the Halloween spirit, then grab yourself a mug of hot chocolate (with a splash of butterscotch schnapps if you’re feeling decadent) and settle down to watch one of these awesome movies:

Scooby Doo

It’s silly and goofy, but so am I, so it makes perfect sense that I adore this film.  In addition to Matthew Lillard (who is the best Shaggy I’ve ever seen) this film stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Linda Cardellini.

Sleepy Hollow

I sometimes wish that I had never seen this film, so that I could watch it for the first time again.  I still enjoy it after multiple viewings, but the first time I watched Sleepy Hollow I was so creeped out by it.  Tim Burton puts his own twist on a classic American tale.  It’s a wee bit gory and very creepy.

The Lady in the Water

This gorgeous film is not your average Halloween fare.  It has a good helping of strange creatures and creepy chills, but they’re woven into a beautiful fairy tale.

Sweeny Todd

Filled with pantomime gore and cheeky songs, Sweeny Todd is perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit.  I’m always tickled by the cast in this film, because most of them (Timothy Spall, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman and Jamie Campbell Bower) also star in the Harry Potter movies.


They’re deliciously cheesy and very 80’s, but who could resist the Ghostbusters films for a bit of ghoulish fun?  This film is filled with hilarious jokes and cool special effects.  Also, how much do you want to drive their car?

Dark Shadows

I saw this at the beginning of the year and I loved it.  Dark Shadows bears Tim Burton’s unique mix of the macabre and the quirky.  The costumes are incredible and there’s even a cameo by Alice Cooper.  What more could you ask for?

So those are my recommendations for this Halloween.  In addition to my old favourites, I will also be watching a bunch of new movies.  Here’s a list of the films that are on my ‘to watch’ list for October:

– The Woman in Black

– The Haunting

-The Shining

-The Others

-The Grudge

-The Orphanage

-Hocus Pocus.

(Does anyone else find it weird that I’ve chosen almost all films with titles that start with ‘the’?  I didn’t realise I’d done that until I typed them all out just now).

What are your favourite Halloween films?

You can also check out this list of film suggestions I wrote last Halloween for more ideas.


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