Advertise on Nessbow in October

Ladies and gents!  October is finally here, which is very exciting because it’s my second favourite month of the year (December is my favourite).  October is filled with loads of things I love: the weather is starting to warm up, daylight savings kicks in and Halloween is just around the corner.

Best of all, October is probably the best month for you to advertise your blog or small business on Nessbow.

Why’s that you ask?  Allow me to enlighten you:

– My blog readership is larger than ever before, and it’s growing steadily each month.  By advertising in October, you’ll be sharing your blog or business with loads of savvy lads and lasses.

– October is a huge month for content on Nessbow.  I’ll be doing loads of Halloween recipes, decor ideas, makeup tutorials and costume posts.  These posts are really popular with my readers, and pull loads of search engine traffic, so more people will see your ad.

– If you purchase three months of advertising space at once, you get a discount.  That means that you can advertise on Nessbow for the rest of 2012 for a lower price if you reserve your spot now.

Interested?  Intrigued?  Good!

At the moment, I have two sizes of advertising space available to my readers:

Large Advertising Space (250 by 175):$15 per month or $35 for three months.  Large ads are prominently displayed on my sidebar.  Sponsors who purchase a large ad space will also have a feature article written about their blog or business.  This is not a group sponsor feature- it’s an individual feature about your blog or business.

To buy  a Large Ad from my etsy store click here.  Alternatively, you can contact me at to reserve your spot.

Small advertising space (250 by 125): $5 for one month or $12 for three months.  Small ads are prominently displayed on my sidebar.

To purchase a small advertising space from my etsy store, click here.  You can also email me at to reserve your spot.

Advertising on my blog will give you an opportunity to showcase your business or blog and introduce yourself to a targeted audience.  I have readers from all over the world, who are interested in alternative fashion, beauty, geekery and self-care.

Please note that advertising spaces are limited.

I’d love to work with you to promote your small business or blog in October.  This is the best time to sponsor Nessbow, so hop to it and reserve your spot!

Thanks a bunch for your support guys, and I hope that you have an awesome October.  I’ve got lots of great stuff planned, so stay tuned!


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