Fashion for fall

Here in Australia, we are busy gearing up for Spring.  And I tell you, it’s not a moment too soon.  However, on the other side of the globe, folks are starting to feel the first chilly touches of fall.  Margot, from Newfoundlander at Heart has asked me to put together a fall-themed post as part of her blog party.  So I thought that I’d write about a topic very close to my heart: fall fashion.

If you’re looking to inject a little autumn cheer into your wardrobe, colour is the way to go.  There is a whole palette of gorgeous fall shades to choose from: burgundy, forest green, brown, rich purple and my personal favourite- orange!  Add these earthy tones to your outfits in small bursts, or base a whole outfit around your fave shade.

October is not only the mid-point of autumn in Canada, but it’s also the month that houses my second-favourite holiday: Halloween!  Start getting into the Halloween spirit a little early by peppering spooky touches throughout your outfits this season.

As the weather starts to get a little nippy, it’s the perfect time to start wearing some of your most fab sweaters and jumpers.  I’m a big fan of a knitted jumper.  My motto is, “the dorkier, the better”.  Go for bright colours, chunky knits and wild stripes.

Boots are the ultimate fall accessory.  They’re perfect for keeping your tootsies toasty and hiding unshaven legs.  Whether you prefer tall boots or ankle boots, pointy toes or round toes, neutral shades or bright colours, you’re sure to find a boot that suits you this season.  Wear them with your favourite jeans for instant weekend chic.

In Autumn, the weather is just starting to cool down, but it’s not quite cold enough for a heavy winter coat.  Instead, have fun playing with a variety of different cover-ups on chilly days.  Shawls, ponchos, cardigans and wraps are all great options that will keep you snug and warm.

Don’t forget to check out Margot’s blog, and have a peek at the other blogs who are taking part in her blog party this September.  It’s been a blast so far, and there’s still plenty of awesomeness to come!


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