Things I Love Thursday 20/9/2012

Happy Thursday to you all!  I hope that you’ve had a brilliant week so far.  And hey, even if this week’s been a bit of a bitch it’s almost over.  The weekend is just around the corner, and there’s plenty to be excited about.

This week, I love:

– Having a very forgiving boyfriend.  Earlier in the week Ross leaned over me to wake me up with a kiss, and I opened my eyes, got a fright and screamed in his face.  Luckily, he saw the funny side.

– Guests!  Ross’s uncle and his girlfriend came and stayed with us last weekend.  We had a really fun time, and they were the very first people to stay in our guest room.  We spent the weekend shopping, playing trivial pursuit and eating home made ice cream.  It was a blast.

– These cufflinks I bought for my Dad for Father’s Day:

My Dad is a huge Monty Python fan, and I have so many fond memories of us watching Monty Python films when I was a teenager.  I think he’ll really like these.

– Cleaning the house from top to bottom.  The cleaning itself wasn’t much fun, but having a house that’s postively sparkling is nice.

-Catching up with my little cousins.  My cousins Will and Abbey are visiting from Perth for two weeks.  I am so excited to have the chance to spend a bit of time with them.  They’ve both grown up so much.  On Friday night I was wearing a sequinned jumper that fascinated Abbey.  She kept trying to lick the sequins.  It was so adorable.  I guess that all the women in our family have a thing for sparkles.

-New music:

I went on a shopping spree on the weekend and bought myself three new CDs.  I am particularly partial to movie soundtracks, so I got The Muppets, Scott Pilgrim vs The World and Romeo and Juliet (the instrumental soundtrack). I’ve been listening to them non-stop.


I hope you’ve had an awesome week so far.  What’s making you grin this week?  Please feel encouraged to leave a comment with your own Things I Love Thursday list.


  1. Bwahaha, i’m sorry, I can’t help but find you screaming quite amusing. It’s actually something that i’d probably do 😛

    The romeo & juliet soundtracks are some of my favourites! Baz Lurhman movies always have great songs!

    • The screaming incident was pretty hilarious in hindsight. I’m just so relieved that Ross found it funny.
      I’ve had the first Romeo and Juliet soundtrack for years, but it was tricky to find the second one. (And I really did want it, because it has When Doves Cry).

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