Daily outfit 12/9/2012

The weather has been playing tricks on me.  The first few days of spring were so sunny and warm, that it made me forget how dreary winter had been.  I ran about in tee shirts and flippy skirts and it felt like it would be sunny forever.  However, about four days into the new season, it blew up all stormy and the temperature dropped.  So once again, I was stuck wearing long sleeves and jeans.

I wore this outfit on Saturday, to gad about town, visit the library and have lunch with Ross’s parents.

I am wearing:

– Vintage purple pucci top from Chapel Street Bazaar

– Black long-sleeved top from Cotton On

– Black Versace jeans (thrifted)

– Grey Tony Bianco ankle boots (thrifted)

-Silver pocket watch from Rose and Mr Brown

-Black beaded flower ring (gift from my parents)

– Pile of silver bangles from my aunt.

-Amethyst ring which used to be my grandmothers’

Here are some close ups of my pocket watch.  I bought this about five years ago from a store in Taralgon.  Even though it doesn’t have a battery in it at the moment, it’s still one of my favourite pieces of jewellery.

I am really looking forward to the warmer weather.  Having a little taste of sunshine early in the week has only made me hungry for more.  I’m even looking forward to doing some yardwork (one of my most despised jobs) just because it gives me an excuse to be out in the sun.

Are you looking forward to warmer weather, or do you wish that winter would hang around a while longer?


  1. I’m in the northern hemisphere so we are slowly moving into autumn here. I think all my cutest clothes are for warm weather, so I get sad to have to put them away in the winter.

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