How we met…

Last Sunday marked the 9 year anniversary of the first time Ross and I officially met.  You might remember that I talked a little in this post about the night we first saw each other.  Well, this tale continues on from there…

Two months had passed since I had last seen the handsome stranger at the trivia night.  I had thought about him many times, and I’d mentally kicked myself for not having the guts to talk to him.  I had been on a few dates with other guys in the meantime, but I wasn’t really taken with any of them.

It was a Friday night, and one of my workmates had invited me to come too see a play that she was performing in.  It was called “Pan the Man” and it was a kind of modernized, musical version of Peter Pan.  I went on my own, wearing a bright blue blouse I’d picked up at the oppy two days earlier (pictured below), tight jeans, a faux leather jacket and huge earrings.  I decided to go not only because I wanted to support my friend, but because she’d made a vague promise about setting me up with the guy who was playing Captain Hook.

I arrived a little while before the show was due to start.  I found a seat on my own and fidgeted while I waited for the lights to dim.  I was twisting about in my seat, trying to see if there was anyone else there that I knew, when my eyes locked on the door of the hall.  Walking through the door was the very same boy I’d seen at the trivia night.  He was even more handsome than the watery picture my memory had managed to preserve.  I felt as though I’d just received an electric shock.  I smiled and he smiled too.   I watched as he took his seat and then faced forward, and tried to think of something to say to him.  It was at that moment that the lights started to dim, and the show began.  I settled back in my seat, willing myself to calm down and enjoy the show.  I made a promise to myself that I would get up and talk to him during the intermission.

After the first half of the production, the lights came back on and the audience shuffled blearily to the back of the hall for weak orange cordial in Styrofoam cups.  I remained in my seat, not wanting to be swept away on the sea of refreshment-seekers.  As I turned to make my descent to the spot where I had seen the mystery-cutie take his seat, he materialised in front of me.  Apparently he’d fought his way through the audience to get to me.

He took a seat next to me and we started chatting.  I learned that he was 19, he was studying to be a pharmacist and he lived in Bendigo.  We began to chat about our favourite movies, and he mentioned that he loved a film called Tank Girl.  I nearly fell backwards out of my seat.  Tank Girl is a silly indie film based on the Hewlett and Martin comic book.  It also happens to be one of my all time favourite films, despite the fact that it is cheesy, nonsensical and has never been watched by any other person in the known universe.  Until now.  I had found someone who had not only seen Tank Girl, but listed it among their favourite films.  Surely, this boy was sent from heaven?

Who doesn’t love a man who looks good in a fez?

When the lights began to dim for the second half, I wanted to scream.  I didn’t want to go back to Neverland, I wanted to keep talking to this dreamy and incredibly perfect boy.  I settled for sitting next to him for the second act, while he held my hand.

After the show, I discreetly told my friend that I had no interest in meeting Captain Hook (handsome though he was) and instead walked out with Ross.  We exchanged numbers (and he called me the very next day).  Then we shared our first kiss, and he waited with my until my father came to pick me up.

So here we are, nine years later and still happy and in love.  I feel so thankful that I got a second chance to meet him, and so grateful that I have such an amazing partner.

I hope I didn’t totally bore you with that story.  Now that I’ve told you mine, tell me:

How did you meet your significant other?


  1. I worked at a library and this boy would come in and rent movies, mostly. He always got terrible “B” horror movies and he’d ask my opinion and, if I hadn’t seen it, I’d ask his opinion when he returned them. One day, while he was browsing movies in the back (at the urging of my co-workers who were tired of our flirtations, I’m sure) I wrote my name and number on a slip of paper and walked up to him and offered to watch a movie with him some time. He called me that night (though I was still at work). He had to leave town for a wedding but we set up a date for the weekend he got back. We were married two weeks after our first date. Everyone said we were nuts and wouldn’t last, but it’s been five years now. Your story is cute! I love hearing how people met.

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