Daily outfit: Cupcake day!

On Saturday, Ross and I hosted an afternoon tea for Cupcake Day for the RSPCA.  It’s been a couple of years since I last hosted a Cupcake Day party, and this year I was ready to get back into it.  Ross and I spent hours baking and decorating cakes.  On the day, we didn’t have quite as many guests as we would have liked.  However, we did raise plenty of money, and munched on loads of delicious cakes.

I had decided to have an Alice in Wonderland-style mad tea party.  All of the food was Wonderland themed and we decorated the table with playing cards.

There were three flavours of cupcakes.  We made Through the Looking Glass cakes , which were chocolate.

These were the White Rabbit’s carrot cakes.  This was a new recipe, and I have to say that I’ve never eaten a more moist carrot cake.  It was perfection.

These were Upulkuchen, named after the cake that makes Alice shrink (if only real cupcakes worked that way).  These were a vanilla cake, with a twist. We dyed the mixture so that when you bit into them, you were assaulted with a rainbow of colours.  Lots of fun (and also the most popular,  I don’t have any of these left).

These March Hare mocha drop cookies are enough to send any chocolate-lover mad with desire.  They pack a punch with a double-whammy flavour hit of coffee and chocolate.

The plain-looking cakes are Pupcakes.  I found an RSPCA-approved recipe for cakes that are safe for animals to eat.  I sent the guests home with a supply of these for their furry friends.  Jelly and Ringo wholeheartedly approved of this dish.

And now for some outfit photos.  I had wanted to theme my outfit, so I decided to do my own twist on Alice’s costume:

I am wearing:

– Blue and white checkered 70’s vintage sundress from The Dookie Emporium

– Black bodysuit from Supre

– Black and white striped tights from a random stocking kiosk in Melbourne

– White crinoline petticoat from Vicious Venus

– Black jolly roger ballet flats from Shoe Bizarre

– Playing card necklace from Diva

– Teapot ring from Equip

– Teacup ring from One Day in Paradise

– Black leather corset belt (gift from Ross)

This outfit was soo much fun to wear.  When my family arrived for tea, my Dad said, “Who are you dressed as?” to which my Nana replied, “She’s dressed as Ness, and she looks lovely”.

It was a fun day filled with good friends and yummy food, and as an added bonus, we raised loads of cash for a very important cause.

If you’d like to donate to the RSPCA, you can do so through my fundraising page.  All donations over $2 are tax deductible!

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