Daily outfit: 27/8/2012

I’m going to tell you a little bloggy secret.  Come closer so I can whisper it in your ear…

Sometimes, I take my outfit photos in advance.  So often, the outfit you’re looking at on any given day may not be the outfit I’m actually wearing on the day the post is published.  Shocking, I know.

This particular outfit is one of those ‘filmed in advance’ outfits.  I wore this last Saturday to visit my brother, do some craft shopping and hang out with my boyfriend.

I am wearing:

– Black bodysuit from Remember Me

– Butterfly top from K Mart

– Brown pants (thrifted)

– Mona Lisa necklace from the markets

– Amethyst ring

– Silver hoop earrings (gift from my mother)

– Giant pink stone ring from the Queen Victoria Markets

– Onyx ring (gift from my friend Kate)

– Gold hand armour from Sportsgirl

– Platform shoes from Myer

I was really pleased with this outfit.  I woke up feeling unmotivated and flat, so I made myself put on a lovely outfit.  It was the perfect pick me up.  These pants are really comfortable, and I adore the floaty texture of this top.  It was the perfect outfit for shopping and lounging.

I finally got around to styling an outfit with these shoes.  I bought these when I was about fifteen, and I adored them.  They sat in the bottom of my closet at my parents house for about six years after I moved out of home.  I unearthed them from a pile of my old things my mother cleared out of my parents house a few weeks ago.  They are insanely high, and kinda tacky, but I really love them anyway.  When I wear these platforms, I’m slightly taller than Ross, which is rather hilarious!  I do find it a bit disconcerting to be that high off the ground though.

Saturday was a very good hair day for me.  I’d fooled around with some new products and I managed to get that bohemian-queen-swirly-twirly hair that I’ve been dreaming of for ages.  I spent the whole afternoon tossing my hair about and exclaiming at how curly it was.

I hope you all had a brilliant weekend.  Did you get up to anything special?


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