My favorite second-hand treasures (part 2).

A while ago I wrote this post about some of the most special pieces I’ve unearthed from second-hand shops.  I do such a lot of second-hand shopping that it really wasn’t possible to list all of my best finds in the one post.  So today, I’ve written a follow up to that post, featuring even more of my most glorious op-shop finds.

Black and white pinstripe pants.

These pants were my very first thrifted find after I moved to Benalla.  I spotted them in a very dingy op-shop.  They’re hand-made and they fit me perfectly.  They even happen to be the right length, which is a big deal to me because my short stature makes it very hard to find pants that fit.  Not bad for $3.

Black boots with silver accents

I unearthed these boots at my favourite Savers store.  My trusty old black boots had recently given up the ghost, so I was very pleased to find a new pair to replace them.  One of the reasons I love these boots so much is the interesting silver detail on them.  They’re so unique and I have loads of fun styling them.

White satin dress.

This gem came from an up-market vintage store.  On that day, I spent about twenty minutes waiting in line at the till, as the shop-keeper was bailed up by an obnoxious woman who insisted on trying on every garment in the store.  She seemed to be incapable of doing up the dresses on her own or making any decision without consulting the poor sales girl.  I think the sales girl felt guilty that she’d made me wait for so long, because she let me take this gorgeous dress for free.

Pierre Fontaine strappy stilettos

I’ve actually told the story of these gorgeous shoes on my blog once before, but I adore them so much that I’m going to tell it again.  Basically, they’re identical to a pair that I’d paid $80 for several years earlier.  My original pair were just one good stroll away from falling to pieces, and it was very fortuitous when I found their twin in an op shop for $10.

Pink and purple knit cardigan

I am a firm believer in the awesome power of an ugly jumper.  There’s nothing quite as comforting as wrapping up in a hand-knitted gem on a chilly day.  I love the colours in this cardigan, and I am also sold on the ovrsized buttons on the front.  This came from a Savers store in Melbourne, and I only had to part with $3 to make her mine.  I wore this as part of my Luna Lovegood cosplay for Supanova this year.

Tony Bianco grey suede ankle boots

I had been eyeing these ankle boots in Tony Bianco for months.  They were so cute, and reminded me more than a little bit of Peter Pan.  I had dreams about all the outfits that I could build around them.  Sadly though, they were way out of my price range.  Luckily, I managed to find a brand-new pair at a country charity store for $4.  I couldn’t have been happier.

Brown trousers

Here is yet another pair of perfectly-fitted pants which came from a second hand store.  In this case, the store was a smelly, hole-in-the-wall oppy just around the corner from the legal centre where I used to work.  I popped out for a spot of shopping on one particularly stressful day.  I found this gorgeous pair of pants for a dollar.  One whole dollar!  I was instantly smitten.

Pink tie-dyed slip

The hippie-chick in me rejoiced when I found this slip.  I bought it in the middle of winter for just 50 cents.  I had to wait six months before the weather was warm enough to wear it, but boy, was it worth the wait!  It’s the perfect thing to slip on when the weather is sweltering, and it’s great for dressing up or down.

Do you have any special second-hand treasures?


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