Things I Love Thursday 23/8/2012

Th-th-th-thursday!  It’s here again!  Which means that it’s time to list all the things that have been turning my frowns upside down this week.

This week, I love:

– Finding a copy of the David Starkey book I’ve been wanting to read for ages just sitting casually on a shelf at the library.  It’s as though it was waiting for me.  For those of you who don’t know who David Starkey is, he’s essentially the authority on the Tudor dynasty.  To history nerds like me, he’s like what Johnny Depp is to regular people.

-Makeup that highlights both lips and eyes.  I’m over picking a feature to focus on.  I’m just busy having fun with colour right now.

– Hot chocolate with a dash of butterscotch schnapps in it.  Divine decadence.

– Finally getting around to watching It.  I didn’t find it scary at all.  Seriously, the book was a billion times more frightening.

-Jellylorum.  She’s such a cutie-face.

-Making time to have morning tea with my parents.

– Giving my wardrobe a serious clean-out.  It feels good to be ruthless.

-Painting one fingernail a different colour to the rest.

-My friend Mandie, who wrote a delightful Haiku about how she feels about getting up on Sunday mornings.  It was called “No”.

-Having new contact lenses.  I can’t tell you how lovely it feels after wearing horrible, dried-out lenses for a week.

Trashtastika’s Evil Queen outfit.  I can’t stop thinking about how awesome this is.

-And finally, this graduation album my dad had printed for me.  He put in every single photo he took on my graduation day, including the goofy ones.  I love this page of pictures of me and my brother.

And in particular this photo:

Can you tell we’re related?

What are you loving this week?  Warm winter mittens?  Whiskers on kittens?  Bright copper kettles?  Brown paper packages tied up with string?  Leave me a comment telling me about a few of your favourite things.


  1. Congrats on your graduation…and on the new contact lenses! Thanks so much for your sweet comments about my outfit. And hoth chocoalte with butterscoth schnapps sounds DIVINE!! MUST TRY!!

    • You’re welcome. That outfit couldn’t go by without a mention!
      The butterscotch shnapps/ hot chocolate combo is amazing. Just add 1 shot of shnapps to a mug of Milo / Ovaltine / a fancier hot-chocolate brand. It’s soo delicious.

  2. What a great list!!! Loved reading through it! Particularly liked that you bring out both eyes and lips! I do the same! And also the graduate pics are so fun!

    I’m loving odd dreams this week that you think make sense at the time and then the next day you realise they are just odd jibberish. I’m also loving getting full use of my winter wardrobe before time runs out! Oh and the new edition of Frankie!

    • I totally agree on the weird dream issue. I have had some really strange dreams this week, and when I think back on them, I realise just how whack-a-doo they were!

    • I was really pleased when he gave me the album. I liked the professional photos we had taken, but some of the less ‘posed’ photos were so much nicer.

  3. Little get well cards with a very special doctor (The Doctor) on the cover, when I’m feeling utterly rubbish.

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