Guest post for Yes and Yes

This is just a quick post to give you guys a link to a guest post I’ve written for Sarah Von Bargen over at Yes and Yes.  It’s called How to Beat The Blues, and it’s filled with little gems of practical advice on how you can start kicking your melancholy attitude in the pants.

Can I just say that writing this post and getting it published went a huge way towards breaking me out of a funk I’ve been in for a while.  Yes and Yes is one of my all-time favorite websites, and getting a post published on Sarah’s blog was a Really Big Deal for me.  Not only am I proud of the post itself, but I’m pretty pumped about the achievement of writing a guest post for such a major site.  Big thanks to Sarah for giving me a chance.

So, whatcha’ waiting for?  Jump on over to Yes and Yes and check out my post: How to Beat the Blues.

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