Daily outfit 20/8/2012

I’ve been having a love affair.  It’s been going on for most of this year.  It’s a passion.  A passion for purple.  I find myself wearing purple more than any other colour.  I wouldn’t say that purple is my favourite colour, but lately it’s been invading my wardrobe in a huge way.  In previous years, I’ve harboured penchants for red, blue, pink and black, but I’m ready to dub 2012 the Year of Purple for me.

My purple reign continues with this outfit.  I wore this on the weekend to go shopping for a filing cabinet.  Needless to say I was the most fabulously-dressed person at Officeworks that day.

I am wearing:

– Black turban (vintage)

– Purple velvet jacket from Friperie

– Black Living Doll dress with beaded fringe

– Leona Edminson fishnet tights

– Black sequinned heels (snaffled from my friend’s donation-pile)

– Beetle ring (gift from my parents)

– Amethyst ring (which belonged to my grandmother

– Blue stone ring (Gift from Sarah)

I had to take the photos inside, because it was pouring with rain.  Sadly, the lack of light in my kitchen has made the photos turn out terribly grainy, so I apologise for that.

I usually pair this jacket with flowing gypsy skirts.  Today I decided to give it a slightly more burlesque edge by wearing it with a wiggle dress, fishnet tights and sky-high heels.  I think that my morning soundtrack of The Dresden Dolls influenced my outfit choices today. That happens to me quite often.  I regularly find that my outfits are coloured by what I’m currently listening to or watching.  I had a friend at uni who would often tell me that she could always tell what movie I’d watched the night before by looking at what I was wearing that day.

Does that ever happen to you?  Do you find your film and music choices steer the way you dress?

Please leave a comment.

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