Things I Love Thursday 16/8/2012: The lost treasures edition

Happy Thursday everyone!  For this week’s TILT, I have something slightly special to share with you.  My mother has been cleaning out my old bedroom at my parents house.  Early in the week, she bought around a bunch of crates filled with bits and pieces for me to sort out.  Most of the stuff is junk, but in among the rubbish I found some forgotten treasures.  So this Thursday, I’m going to share some of them with you.  It’s sort of a ‘blast from the past’ edition of Things I Love Thursday.

This week, I love:

This gorgeous clock.  My Nana and Pa bought it for me when I was about five years old.  When it’s wound, the little girl bounces up and down as the clock ticks.  Here is a close-up of the clock itself:

– Tank Girl trading cards!  I had completely forgotten that I owned these!  Ross bought them for me as a gift not long after we started dating.  They’re totally rad.

-This cutie-pie matryoshka doll

I bought these from a shop in the Royal Arcade maybe a week or so after I moved to Melbourne.  They’re really small.  I took a picture of the smallest one in my hand, just to show you how titchy they are!

-Mr Men books.  I have the entire series.

– This Wizard of Oz puzzle.  It was a gift from Ross’s parents at some stage.  I’m looking forward to putting this together again.

-These humungous platform shoes.  I bought these when I was about fifteen, and I used to wear them all the time.  The platform is 30cm high, and the shoes weigh a tonne.  Tacky though they may be, I still love them and I’m looking forward to wearing them again.

Other lovely things that are tickling my fancy this week include:

– Dropping my perfume bottle onto the tiled floor twice this morning, and not having it break.

– Impersonating John Lithgow.

-A surprise gift of a 12-pack of Dr Pepper from Ross.  I adore Dr Pepper, but it’s practically impossible to get it in the country.  I was so thrilled when Ross presented me with 12 cans of the stuff.  I was planning on rationing it, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to restrain myself.

-Random visits from my brother

-Helping Ross out with big projects he’s working on.

What about you gorgeous-face?  What do you love this week?  Share your gratitude in the comments!


  1. Not only is it Dr Pepper, but its Iron Man Dr Pepper! That is awesome! I don’t like Dr Pepper, but I love ANY kind of Grape soda. I went nuts in New Zealand, as they have a grape mountain dew that is as readily available as Fanta or Lift!

    • Indeed. Ross has made me promise to save at least one can, because he loves the Iron Man artwork. Apparently there’s an entire Avengers series of cans, but every single can in my 12-pack has Iron Man on it.

      I’ve never tried grape soda, but I think it sounds like something I’d be into.

    • That’s awesome! I’m not sure exactly where mine came from, but I believe it was Bateman’s Bay in NSW, Australia. I love it so much, and I got so excited when I dug it out of the box.

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