Daily outfit 15/8/2012

Good morning lads and lasses!  It would seem that winter is drawing to a close here in the Southern Hemisphere.  Normally, I despise winter, but this morning I kind of don’t want it to end.  I realised that I still have so many awesome winter clothes that I haven’t worn yet this year.  I do want at least a few more chilly days so that I can take my fun winter warmers out of the cupboard.

One of the things I feel as though I just haven’t worn enough this year is my poncho.  I bought this more than ten years ago and I still adore it.  It’s warm and cozy, like walking around wearing a big blanket.  It’s the perfect way to keep out the cold.

I am wearing:

– Black crocheted poncho from Target

– Bell-sleeve peasant blouse from Kmart

– Purple floral gypsy skirt from Glassons

-Brown leather boots (gift from a friend)

-Gold hoop earrings

– Jade beaded bracelet

– Mother of pearl dolphin bracelet

-Silver rope bracelet

-Jade bracelet (which used to be my mother’s)

– Snake ring from Diva

– Amethyst ring

– Indian multi-coloured sparkle ring

-Emerald ring (used to be my grandmother’s)

– Rectangle silver ring

I like the 60’s vibe that I get by pairing the poncho with this skirt and the boots.  I am a sucker for a hippie luxe outfit.  I kept the outfit somewhat earthy with minimal makeup and natural hair.

Bohemian-inspired outfits are a perfect excuse to pile on the rings.  As we all know, I believe that you can never have enough rings.

I’m planning on making the most of the last few truly cold days we have left by wearing some of my favorite winter clothes.  For a person who can’t stand the cold, it’s the ideal way for me to put a positive spin on chilly weather.

Are there any garments you don’t feel you’ve worn enough this winter?  Or are you completely sick of winter and ready to leap into spring?

If you’re interested in doing a bit of extra-credit reading, here’s a post I did a while back on how to wear ponchos.  Let’s all get excited about poncho-love!


  1. I love this outfit. I really do. And purple looks beautiful on you. I had the exact same thing about winter. Normally I despise it. But this is the first winter I haven’t lived in an old queenslander, and I really didn’t find it too bad! And I had the same thought about not getting to wear all my winter outfits just yet- so there you go!

    Ah, ponchos! Such a happy item!

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