Lipstick Queen lip liner review

As a long-time lipstick lover, I can attest to the importance of a good lip liner.  I can also vouch for how difficult it is to find a decent liner at an affordable price.  I think the time has come when I can finally say that I have found the lip liner of my dreams.


I bought the Lipstick Queen lip liner at the Lipstick Queen event I attended a few weeks back.  I have used it over and over and I am so pleased with the way it performs.

Many of the lip liners I’ve tried in the past have a waxy texture.  While this does help them to last a long time, it can also make them very difficult to apply.  So many liners drag and tear at your lips, which is annoying and uncomfortable.  It also makes it really difficult to draw a smooth line.  The Lipstick Queen liner has a buttery texture, and draws easily onto your lips.  This helps to ensure that you draw a perfect line every time.

When I noticed the smooth texture of the pencil, I began to feel sceptical about it’s staying power.  In my experience, liners that go on easily tend to wear off just as easily.  Not this baby.  This pencil creates an indelible line that stays put all day.  It’s ideal for making sure that your lippy doesn’t move about or wear off during the day.

I chose a nude shade because I felt it would be neutral enough to wear with many different lipsticks.

The nude shade is slightly darker than the natural shade of my lips.  It looks gorgeous when worn with just a slick of gloss over the top.  I’ve been wearing it with my Lipstick Queen Coral Sinner lipstick, and the two of them go together brilliantly.  I have also tried wearing this with some of my other lipsticks.  It’s been particularly brilliant to wear with lipsticks than have a tendency to bleed, because it stops the colour from feathering and moving about.  It’s a really versatile shade.

The lip liner also comes with it’s very own sharpener, so that you can keep it pointy and perfect at all times.

Lipstick Queen has eleven shades of lip liner- one to match each of the colours in the Saints and Sinners lipstick range.  There is even an ingenious invisible liner, which can be worn with any shade of lipstick.  What an incredible idea!

At $26.95, this liner costs slightly more than I would usually spend on a lip liner.  However, I think the quality of the product totally justifies the price.  I would happily add several more shades to my collection.

You can purchase the Lipstick Queen liners from Kit Cosmetics or Lipstick Queen.

Are you a lip-liner fan?  Have your tried the Lipstick Queen products?

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