Lipstick Queen Sinner Lipsticks review

Are you on the lookout for a stand-out lipstick?  Something that is bold, brash and full of colour?  Then look no further than the Lipstick Queen Sinner range.  These lippies are the ultimate in decadent lip colour.  They’re choc-full of pigment and perfect for creating a dramatic pout.

I bought two of the sinner lipsticks at the Lipstick Queen event two weeks ago, and I’ve been dying to share them with you.

Poppy King has created a double-whammy collection of lipsticks in her Saints and Sinners line.  There are ten shades and each comes in a “Saint” and a “Sinner”.  The saints are sheer, pretty shades that provide just a wash of colour.  The sinners are 90% pigment, and drench your lips with colour.  They’re not for the faint-hearted.

The first thing I noticed about these lippies is the packaging.  Each one comes in a beautiful art nouveau packet with a love letter from Poppy King herself on the back.   The tubes are very simple: a gunmetal grey casing with the Lipstick Queen brand subtly embossed onto them.  The tubes are very sturdy, so they won’t crack or split after a few weeks of rolling around in your handbag.

I chose two shades to take home.  The Red Sinner is a classic opaque red.  It’s perfect for wearing with vintage outfits, or to dress up casual weekend outfits.

Red sinner in the tube


Red sinner on the lips


At Poppy’s insistence,  I also tried the Coral Sinner.  I really love this shade.  I can apply it straight from the tube for a sophisticated look, or simply stain my lips coral for a pretty, delicate look.  It’s so ladylike and lovely.



Coral sinner in the tube


Coral sinner on the lips


When I untwisted my lippies for the first time, I noticed that the surface of the product had an odd, mottled and puckered appearance.  Apparently these surface irregularities are caused by the high quantities of shea butter and pigment.  It’s true what they say- you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.  I found that these went smoothly onto my lips.  I only had to swipe the surface of my lips once with the product to get a huge colour payoff.


Not only are the lipsticks easy to apply. they last an amazing length of time.  I can apply one coat in the morning, and make it through the entire day with barely a touch-up. They are very long-lasting, and the colour doesn’t fade, bleed or flake throughout the day.  The Sinner lipsticks don’t give you that dry feeling that long-lasting lippies sometimes leave.  They’re very nourishing and leave your lips smooth.


Each of the Sinner lipsticks will set you back just $26.95.  That’s an awesome price for such a high-performing lipstick.  With the amazing staying-power  of this lippie, I think a single tube will last you for ages, so it’s great value.  The Lipstick Queen Sinner lipsticks are available at Kit Cosmetics or from Lipstick Queen.


I would highly recommend these lipsticks to any woman who wants to try all-out dramatic lip colour, women who want a perfectly-painted pout that lasts all day and ladies who love daring styles.


Have you tried the Sinner lipsticks?  What’s your favorite shade?



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