Daily outfit: Pretty in Pink

I wore this outfit a couple of days ago.  I mixed and matched with various shades of pink and purple.  I was trying to create an outfit that looked pretty and feminine, with a bit of a Valentine’s Day feel.  I wanted something romantic because this day was a special day for me.  It marked nine years since Ross and I first met.  Well, to be truthful. it wasn’t the anniversary of our first meeting, but rather of the first time we ever saw each other (but were too scared to actually introduce ourselves).

I am wearing:

– Pink spotted dress from Target

– Pink knit jumper from Target

– Purple “Burlesque” tights from Sportsgirl

– Black ballet flats from Rubi Shoes

– Amethyst ring

– Teacup earrings from Disney Couture

It’s actually quite funny how Ross and I met.  I was attending a trivia night with my family.  My mood was really low that night, because my previous boyfriend had dumped me two days before.  I spent half the night crying in the toilets, and the other half looking at the devilishly handsome young man who was sitting at the table across from me.  The evening progressed with us stealing glances at one another, smiling shyly and trying not to blush when we crossed paths.  However, neither of us actually managed to pluck up the courage to speak the first word.  I went home that night and mentally kicked myself for not saying something to that gorgeous guy.  I thought about him many more times over the next few months, and I hoped that I’d eventually get another chance with him.

As you’ve certainly figured out by now, we did in fact meet again.  I’ll tell you about that some other time though…


  1. Oh what a bitter-sweet evening that must have been for both of you. You were upset and he was likely mesmerised by this gorgeous girl with the broken heart … your beautiful outfit speaks volumes about how you feel about Ross – it’s beautiful, colourful and brings out that happy smile:))) xoxo

    • He’s a gem alright! It’s so funny when I think back on that evening, and I really thought I’d blown my chance. I honestly thought I’d never see him again. How hilarious!

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