Vanessa, the horror-movie wimp

I have just started reading It by Stephen King.  So far, I’m finding it utterly terrifying.  I’ve been debating with myself whether I should watch the film when I’m done with the book.  I usually enjoy film adaptations of books.  There’s just one problem:  I’m a horror-movie wimp.

I scare very easily.  I’m a pretty jumpy person, so it doesn’t take a lot to frighten me.  I like watching things that scare me, but I have a very specific idea of what I want in a scary movie.  I like films that are suspensful and thrilling.  I like a good psychological thriller.  I prefer films with a supernatural theme than something about a psycho-killer.  I like it when a film gives you an eerie feeling of creepiness, rather than out-and-out terror.

Most horror movies simply do not fit the bill.  I’ve had to stop watching films part-way through because I was too scared.  I think that a big part of the reason that I don’t really enjoy horror films is that I don’t like gore.  I understand that in a lot of frightening stories, some blood and guts may be necessary to convey the tale and set the tone.  However, I find that a lot of film makers make the mistake of thinking that a movie has to be really gory to be frightening.  A lot of scary films are too over-the-top in the gore department for me.  I much prefer the classic horror genre to a slasher flick.  The difficulty I run into when choosing scary films is that it’s become the norm to include a lot of slasher themes in films that are labelled as horror films.   The gore is more likely to gross me out than frighten me.  I tend to avoid a lot of horror films because I don’t want to see anything too revolting.

I like the tingles-down-the-spine shiver you can get from a good scary film.  I don’t like being frightened out of my wits, which is the effect a lot of scary movies tend to have on me.  I’ll often have a few sleepless nights after watching a horror flick.  Sometimes, I’ll even sleep with the light on.  Perhaps it’s my anxious nature, and my tendency to over-think things that causes this adverse reaction to horror films.  It might also be my incredibly active imagination that will lead me to jump to the conclusion that the crazy killer from the film is waiting to grab me as I meander down the hallway in the middle of the night.

I find it kind of embarrassing to own up to my wimpy tendencies.  I feel like a bit of a baby when I’m the only person in the room who is cowering behind her hands as everyone else leans forward eagerly in their seats.  Maybe me not liking horror flicks does make me something of a fraidy cat.  If so, then I’m willing to live with that.  We can’t all be brave enough to sit through Nightmare on Elm Street without whimpering.

Do you also cower during horror films?  Do they give you nightmares?  Or do you adore them?

Also, If you know of any films that might fit my (incredibly narrow) horror film tastes, please leave a comment telling me about them.  I’d love to check them out!

Please leave a comment.

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