Lipstick Queen Chinatown glossy pencil

There’s nothing like a slick of gorgeous gloss to give you a quick pick-me-up.  One of the products I purchased at the Kit Cosmetics Lipstick Queen event last weekend was a Lipstick Queen Chinatown glossy pencil.  It was one of the products that Poppy King herself recommended to me, and I can’t tell you how over-the-moon I am about it.

The Chinatown glossy pencils are an ingenious line of sheer, shiny lip colours.  There are five bright shades to choose from.  The gloss comes in a jumbo-sized pencil, and you simply draw it onto your lips.  I found that the pencil made gloss application super-easy.  There was no fussing about with pots or tubes and no sticky fingers.  The gloss glides effortlessly onto your lips and the pencil gives you great control over the colour.  It’s perfect for applying in a hurry.   I think the pencil applicator is clever, because it’s more hygienic than a pot or tube that you’re constantly applying with dirty fingers.

I also love the fact that the pencil comes with it’s own jumbo-sized pencil sharpener. The pencil itself is much bigger than your average lip pencil, so it’s awesome to have a special sharpener to go with it.  Poppy thinks of everything!

The shade I purchased is Chase, which is a gorgeous sheer watermelon colour.

Although the gloss looks very bright in the pencil, it’s actually quite sheer.  The pencil gives you a gorgeous wash of gloss with just a hint of colour.  It’s perfect for casual weekend looks, makeup novices or ladies who want to experiment with vibrant colours.  This is the perfect gateway gloss to ease yourself into wearing brighter lip shades.

The Chinatown glosses are also super-nourishing.  My lips feel instantly moisturized when I apply the gloss, and that hydrated feeling lasts for ages.  I hate having dry, chapped lips, so you can imagine my joy at finding a product that is so nourishing.  This makes it the perfect first-date gloss, as it keeps lips super soft for smooching!

For a gloss, the Chinatown pencils last really well.  I find that I have to reapply gloss pretty frequently, but these ones stayed put for a good long while.  You do need to reapply after eating and drinking though.

Another thing I love about this gloss is the texture.  They aren’t sticky at all, which puts them a cut above so many other glosses.  The Chinatown gloss feels almost buttery on your lips, like chapstick only fancier.

At $29.95, these babies are a little more than I would ordinarily pay for a lip gloss.  However, the fact that they come with a pencil sharpener and are amazing quality makes me happy to pay that much.  Also, considering the size of the pencil, I think this gloss will last for ages, so it’s pretty good value.

I am so pleased with the Chinatown glossy pencil, and I can’t wait to take some of the other colours for a spin!

You can buy the Chinatown pencils from Kit Cosmetics or Lipstick Queen.

Have you tried the Chinatown pencils?  What did you think of them?


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