Violet Town Market haul

There’s a little township called Violet Town, which is about twenty-five minutes away from my hometown of Benalla. On the second Saturday of each month, they hold a legendary market there. I used to go to the market all the time with my grandfather when I was a little slip of a thing, but it’s been at least twenty years since my last visit. This Saturday, Ross and I took a drive to Violet Town to check it out.

Let me just say, right off the bat that if you’re in or near Violet Town on market day, you should totally visit the market.  There are a huge variety of vendors selling everything from food to books, toys, clothing, fresh flowers and haircuts.  I even saw a stall selling alpacas!  Ross was very mean and wouldn’t let me take one home.  There’s a little something for everyone, and the prices are brilliant.

As the weather has been very wet this past week, the ground was very slippery underfoot.  The dreary sky and muddy ground didn’t stop us from having a brilliant time.  We went nuts, purchasing loads of delicious fresh food.  I walked away with a massive bag of farm-grown vegies that I promptly turned into the tastiest soup I’ve had in a long time.  I also got a big bunch of proteas for my mother.

We came across a stall that was selling home-made syrups and cordials.  They had so many delicious flavours to choose from.  We walked away with this bottle of blue heaven syrup.  Blue heaven is one of my all-time favorite flavours.  This is going to make some lovely milkshakes, and I’m also intending to use our ice-cream maker to create a blue heaven- flavoured ice-cream.

We have a saying in our house that if you don’t like cheese, you’re either crazy or lactose intolerant.  I am neither, and therefore I adore cheese.  I nearly fell over with delight when we saw a man selling blocks of his home-made cheeses.   We bought a sample-pack, which contained 8 wedges of cheese for just $20.  It was great value.  We ate the chive cheese and the vintage cheddar for lunch that day, and they were amazing.  I look forward to sampling the rest.

After our stint at the market, I found an awesome op-shop which I just had to check out.  I walked out with some lovely treasures:

Three beaded necklaces

Three balls of knitting yarn (I know that there are only two balls in this picture.  One ball is currently on my needles)

Two gorgeous bangles.  I fell in love with these the moment I saw them.  Not only are the colours great, but they’re quite heavy.  I like bangles that have a bit of heft to them.

And two plastic-fantastic rings.

And for all this loot, I paid the princely sum of $5.  You can’t complain about that.

I can’t wait for next month so I can visit the market again.

Do you ever shop at markets?  What are your favorite markets to visit?

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    • Haha! There are some purple things in Violet Town, but I think you might be disappointed when you see the town isn’t completely purple.

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