Tell Someone They’re Awesome Day

There’s simply not enough gratitude in the world.  It’s true, that most of us think about the things and people we’re grateful for, but how often do we say it out loud?  How often do we tell the people we love how important they are to us?  How often to we thank those incredible people who we see every day, working away, making the world a better place?  Probably not half as often as we think about how great they are/

So I’m declaring today Tell Someone They’re Awesome Day.

It’s a day dedicated to telling the people in your life how great they are.  It’s for singing the praises of anyone around you who is doing a brilliant job, who probably doesn’t realise how much it means to you.  Today, tell them, in any way you wish, that they’re awesome.

If you’re stumped as to who you should extend your sweet words to, here are some suggestions:

– You mother and father

– Your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband or lover.

– The ever-grinning waitress who brings you your morning coffee.

-That boy you see on the bus each day, who you think is more than a little cute.

– Your pet iguana

– You nana

– The old woman with the baby-pink hair and shocking purple lipstick in the supermarket

– Your favourite author

– That celebrity you’ve been crushing on since you were a teen.

– The little boy who giggles wildly in the street

– Your boss who tries really hard to make your work a fantastic place.

– Your bestie

It doesn’t matter who you tell.  It also doesn’t matter how you tell them.  Sing it in a song, write it in a letter, stammer out the words “I think you’re fab” and then run away if you must.  Just tell them.

And once you’ve told them, tell another person, and then another.  Keep the chain of compliments flowing all day.  Aim to spread as much love and positivity as you possibly can.

It’s going to be a really fun day.

Who are you going to tell that they’re awesome?


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