Things I Love Thursday 12/7/2012

Welcome to another edition of Things I Love Thursday, where I share all the things that have been making me grin over the past week.

Before we get started on the gratitude, here’s a picture of what I’m wearing today:

I am wearing:

– Black woollen jumper from Target

– Black and white plastic hair bobbles (bought at a junk store a million years ago)

– Black and white rag skirt from Temt

– Black herringbone tights from Razzamatazz

– Pink leopard print belt from Extentrix

– Black and white comic book heels from Betts

– Silver pocket watch from Rose and Mr Brown

– Silver rings

This week, I love:

– Going to the movies with my dad.  We went to see Men in Black 3, and it was pretty darn good.  Moving back to my hometown has given me the opportunity to spend a lot more time with my parents, which I’m so grateful for.

– Ross, because he always stands up for the things that he believes in.

– Having morning tea with my mum and my nana.

– My new bag charm

This gorgeous little critter was a gift from Violet LeBeaux.  It features her wee bunny mascot, Bergamont.  If you like the charm, and you’d like one for yourself, you can snap them up in Violet’s new etsy store.  She’s got all kinds of bits and bobs featuring Bergamont for you to spend your pennies on.

– The fact that my e-book, Living Frugally Without Sacrificing Your Style, is selling like hotcakes.  Big kisses to all the lovely readers who’ve snapped up a copy.  Your support means the world to me.  If you’d like a copy of your own, click here!

-My new Lipstick Queen lippie.  Who knew that I’d come to love coral so much?

– Home-made soup cooked in the slow-cooker.  Heaven on a cold night.

– nude nail polish.  I’ve taken a break from bright colours this week, and my nails are painted a delicate buff shade.  It’s been a rather nice change (plus light colours hide chips so much better than the brights I usually wear).

-Cupping massages.  I had my second one on Friday, and my back feels wonderful.  I’ve now gone a month without a tension headache, which is a new record for me.  I can’t tell you how relieved I feel.

What are you loving this week, sweetie-pea?  Don’t hesitate, leave a comment with all the things you feel grateful for this week!


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