When Vanessa met Poppy: Lipstick Queen event at Kit Cosmetics.

I am a firm believer in the awesome power of lipstick.  One swipe can boost your morale and make you feel all flirty.  It’s like confidence in a tube.  One canny lass who definitely shares my views on lippie is Poppy King, the creative mind behind Lipstick Queen. You can only imagine my excitement when I was invited to attend a special event at Kit Cosmetics to meet the Lipstick Queen herself.

On Sunday, Ross and I made a frosty early-morning drive down to Doncaster for the event.  A stage had been set up in front of the Kit store, and women of all ages were milling about. Excitement was crackling in the air as rows of women puckered up and sampled the Lipstick Queen range.

As always, the Kit staff were lovely, buzzing about, making sure everyone was having a good time and encouraging passers-by to come along and try a new shade of lippie.  The makeup artists worked quickly, and a rapid-fire line of satisfied customers trotted away from the store.

Poppy was immediately recognisable amongst the sea of makeup artists.  Her elegantly petite frame was swathed in a black wrap dress festooned with red poppies.  Her face housed sparkling eyes and lips stained with the reddest of reds.  She practically shone with the glow of a woman in her element.  When I was introduced to her, her face broke into a huge smile, and she shook my hand warmly.  She then studied my face for a moment and proclaimed, “Oh, I’ve got so many ideas for you!”

Remember that movie Chocolat, where the sexy owner of the chocolaterie is able to guess anybody’s favourite dessert just by looking at them?  Well, Poppy is able to do that, but with lipstick shades.  She can intuitively choose exactly the right shade for anyone who crosses her path.  I was very excited to see what she had picked out for me.

After a few moments, she told me, “I’d love to see you in a pretty coral”.  I was instantly discouraged.  Coral?  I despise the colour.  It’s drab and boring.  Give me something bold, something sexy.  Give me something RED!  But, when The Lipstick Queen tells you to try coral, you pucker up and give it a whirl.  I allowed the makeup artist to paint my lips.  When she held the mirror to my face, I twisted to catch sight of my reflection.

And you know what?  It looked gorgeous!  My lips looked full and pretty, my eyes somehow looked even bluer and my skin took on a radiance I haven’t seen since I was a teenager.  I couldn’t believe it.  This shade, which I’d always thought I hated, looked incredible on me.

Even better than my reaction was Poppy’s take on my new shade.  She told me I looked beautiful, that the colour was so elegant and ladylike.  And she was right.  I was so pleased that I had taken her advice and tried something new.  It’s too easy to stick to what you know, and sometimes you have to jump outside your comfort zone.

I walked away from the store with a swag of lovely new lip products.  I bought two of the Lipstick Queen Sinner opaque lipsticks (a red as well as the incredible coral), a nude lipliner and a Chinatown Chase glossy pencil.  I’ll be reviewing these for you over the next few weeks, so hold tight!

I had such a great time at the event.  It was beyond lovely to have the opportunity to meet Poppy, and to have her pick out my perfect shade.  I would also like to say a massive “Thankyou” to the ladies at Kit Cosmetics, who took such good care of me on the day.

You can check out all of Poppy King’s Lipstick Queen products right here on her website.


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