What to wear to a convention

I adore conventions.  I’ve lost count of how many I’ve been to and I always have a great time.  If you’ve never been to one, you should totally take advantage of the next opportunity you have to attend.  A convention day always promises to be an awesome day.

If you are preparing to head to a convention, it’s likely that you’re being dogged by the eternal question, “What should I wear?”  As a seasoned convention-goer I’m going to make that choice a little bit easier for you.

A cosplay costume.

Tank Girl Birthday

If you’re considering going to the event in costume, I say put all your doubts to bed and just go for it.  You might worry that you’re going to look strange or that people will laugh at you.  I promise that you will not be the oddest-looking person there, and nobody will so much as giggle in your direction (unless your costume is intentionally humourous).  I always have a blast when I dress up for a convention, I’ll start planning my cosplay costumes months in advance.  Seriously, go for it.

Comfortable shoes

Conventions tend to include a lot of standing around.  You’re likely to be waiting in line or walking about for most of the day.  Pick a pair of shoes that are really comfortable so you won’t be whinging about your sore feet by lunchtime.  It also pays to wear shoes that are closed-in.  Conventions tend to be rather crowded, and your poor tootsies will fare a lot better in closed-toed shoes if you accidentally get trodden on.


Even if the weather outside is cold, it’s likely to be rather warm once you get into the venue.  To avoid feeling hot and bothered, wear several light layers that you can strip off when you heat up (and then put back on again to go home).


We geeks have a bad reputation for poor hygiene.  While for most of us, that rumour is unfounded, there are some who do exhibit an uncommonly foul bodily odour.  When you pack several hundred excited people into a hot convention centre, it becomes a breeding-ground for sweat and B.O.  To avoid being “That Smelly Guy Who Nobody Wants to Sit With”, take a shower before you head out and slap on an anti-perspirant deodorant.

A carry-all bag.

I cart a lot of crap about with me, particularly when I go to a convention.  I like to have a bag that’s big enough to fit my wallet, keys, makeup, phone and my camera.  It’s also nice if there’s a bit of room to spare, so I can throw in anything I buy during the day.  Choose a bag that’s big enough to fit all your essentials.  Go for a tote that you can tuck under your arm, and make sure that it zips up securely.  This will help you to avoid any nasty pick-pocketing moments.

 So there you have it, my convention-day outfit essentials.  The great thing about conventions is that you really can wear just about anything you want to without looking strange. If you work these things into your ensemble, you’ll be more likely to have a comfortable, fun-filled day.

What do you wear when you go to a convention?


  1. Yes, yes, yes! I never had to worry too much, as I only really worked them so had a sort of set uniform, but COMFY SHOES people. You could not believe some of the shoes I would see people wearing, only to be walking bare foot or hurting themself by the end of the day!!

    • I know what you mean. Some of the girls who cosplay in high-heeled boots just look like they’re in agony by the end of the day. I usually try to come up with a costume that includes flat shoes!

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