Daily outfit 6/7/2012: Muffed!

It’s been pretty chilly here of late.  So chilly in fact that I decided it was high time I broke out my earmuffs.

I am wearing:

– Pink fuzzy earmuffs from junk store.

– Queens hoodie from Cotton On Body

– Blue bell-bottom jeans from Target

– Sneaker boots from Valley Girl

– Bubble ring from Surfers Paradise

– Donald Duck ring from Disneyland

– Amethyst ring

– Cubic zirconia ring from Diva

I think there’s a bit of a misconception about the way fashion bloggers dress.  It seems that so many people imagine fashion bloggers wear incredible ensembles every day.  That we get out of bed with our hair perfectly coiffed and our makeup just falls into place.  That fashion bloggers never dress down.  There seems to be another camp of people who think that fashion bloggers dress like slobs most of the time, and just scramble into a gorgeous outfit whenever it’s time to take an outfit shot.

When I post an outfit shot, it’s of an ensemble that I’ve actually worn for a day or to an event.  It’s not just something I threw on to look good for a photo.  I dress up most days, because it makes me feel good.  I have great fun getting ready in the morning.  For me, fashion is a way to express myself.  If I’m honest, I will occasionally have a day where I don’t feel like getting dressed up, and the idea of taking an outfit shot will motivate me to put on something that’s slightly more interesting than a tracksuit.

However, there are also days like today, where I feel like wearing something more casual.  I still want to look cute though, so I’ll add some fun accessories to a jeans-and-hoodie outfit.

I do adore these earmuffs.  I’ve had them for a few years, and I wear them quite a bit.  My ears always feel a bit frostbitten in the cold weather, and these cuties help to keep the chill at bay.  Even though I hate winter, I console myself that the cold weather gives me the opportunity to wear some of my adorable winter warmers.

Do you have a favorite piece of warm, winter clothing that you look forward to wearing every year?


  1. I know what you mean…some bloggers never seem to wear anything less than drop-dead-gorgeous fashion-forward looks. But of course we ALL throw on some casual clothes sometimes, me included. You piccies are nice and clear – I’m guessing you had someone take them for you?

    • Nope, I took them myself with the tripod. I’ve found a really sweet spot for photo-taking where the light is really good, so all my pics are turning out great.
      I like showing off my casual outfits occasionally, although I much prefer to post outfit pictures where I’m dressed to the nines.

    • Oh no! That’s too bad. Cats do have a funny way of appropriating your stuff though. Jelly found a bunch of pom-poms in my craft stash a few weeks ago, which have all mysteriously migrated to her toy box.

  2. I freaking love earmuffs! I almost bought a pink pair just like that…put I ended up buying a grey and black leopard-print instead…ROWR!

    I have something of a coat addiction (I have at least 6 at the moment) but my current winter favourite is a short navy blue coat with a big, teal faux-fur collar…so snuggly!

    • I do love that coat! I’m not much of a coat person. I have several that I love, but they’re not an item that I buy very often.

  3. So cute and I love your hair! I have some strawberry earmuffs like that from a few years ago that I should find lol. I completely agree with what you said about the ideas regarding fashion bloggers, I barely ever take pictures of myself but when I do it’s usually an outfit that I have worn out.

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