Things I Love Thursday 5/7/2012

Howdy everyone!  This week’s Things I Love Thursday has a very geeky slant to it.  After going to Comic Con on the weekend, I have a lot of nerdy things that are tickling my fancy this fine Thursday.

This week, I love:

– Outland.  It’s a fantastic Aussie comedy written by the divine Adam Richards.  It’s about a gay science-fiction group, and it’s set in Melbourne.  So far, there’s only one season, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for another.

This picture of Ringo playing with Ross’s Star Wars figurines.

– Nerds.  I’m talking about the sour, crunchy little candies.  I’ve eaten way more than my fair share of them this week, after finding a jumbo box of rainbow nerds at the Reject Shop.

This Dr Who feltie that Ross bought me at Comic Con.  He came from the same lass who made my Jack Sparrow feltie.  Ross also got two commissioned felties from her- Skeletor and Hordack from He-Man.  They look incredible.  I’m so happy with my Doctor though.  I really feel that David Tennant is ‘my’ doctor.  He’s the one I enjoy watching the most, and the one I feel the strongest connection to.

– Discussing cosplay ideas with Ross on the drive home from Melbourne.

– Japanese food with lovely friends.

– The artwork of Stewart McKenny.  I bought a set of gift cards from him on the weekend, and they are fab.

One set of the cards has this design, with all eleven Doctors.

The other has the tenth doctor on his own.  Stewart had several more sets of these, including a Princess Bride set that I was drooling over.

– Surprise visits from my brother.

– Catching up with Violet and Jimmy for tea.

– Lovely blog comments

– Fantasia


What are you loving this week, doll-face?  Feel encouraged to leave a comment so that everyone can share in your gratitude!


  1. I heart Stewart McKennys work! I have 2 or 3 of his art prints! I want more, but I dunno if i’ll be attending any more conventions.
    David Tennant is MY doctor, I like 9, but 10 is it for me. You have good taste!

    • Stewart does do brilliant stuff. I could have spent hundreds of dollars on his work.
      I you know which ones you want, let me know and I’ll pick them up for you the next time I’m at a convention (which will be pretty soon).

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