How to wear flower garlands

I’m a huge fan of flower crowns and floral garlands.  They’re an easy way to add a burst of sweetness and femininity to your wardrobe.  Gorgeous though they may be, they can be a bit tricky to style.  Never fear, because I’m here to show you how to work them.

Floral garlands look brilliant on ladies with short and long hair alike.  Choose a garland that suits your colouring and really pops against the shade of your hair.  If your hair is long, try wearing it natural, with a little squirt of sea-salt spray to give you that wavy, bohemian look. You could also pop your hair up in a series of braids or a cute bun and then pop the garland over the top.  For short hair, you could comb your locks sleek or tousle them with a bit of wax for a punky, fairy look.  Remember to always pin your garland securely in place, so it doesn’t blow away.

There are plenty of different types of garlands available.  For the timid, the gamine or the sophisticated, there are garlands with small, natural looking blooms.  For those of you who like something a bit more dramatic, grab a garland with oversized flowers, or flowers in electric, neon hues.

Flowers in your hair are the ideal compliment to the carefree, hippie-inspired outfits of summer.  They look incredible when paired with flowing gypsy skirts, bell-bottom jeans, sandals, slip dresses and baggy tees.  Pile on the jewellery for a look that smacks of the sixties.

For a look that’s straight out of a fairy tale, pair your floral garlands with handkerchief hems, corset tops and liberal doses of sparkle.

If you’re not into hippie-dippy styles, and you prefer something a bit more refined, there is still a place for the humble garland in your wardrobe.  Choose a 50’s prom dress with a wide skirt and a gorgeous floral print.  Accessorize it with simple, demure court shoes.  Pull your hair into an elaborately curled up-do.  Then, top it off with a garland that matches the print on your dress.  This outfit will look pretty and feminine, while remaining sophisticated and polished.

Just because it’s winter in your neck of the woods, there’s no reason to throw your garlands to the back of the closet until summertime.  Floral garlands and flower crowns are ideal for adding colour and interest to simple winter outfits.  Their pretty blooms can give a welcome hint of the up-coming spring when everything around you seems drab and grey.  Pop one over a rough ponytail to spruce up a casual jeans-and-jumper combo.

Do you like floral garlands?  How do you wear yours?

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