A Photo an Hour

I’ve been planning to do a ‘Photo an Hour’ post for at least six months.  So now I’ve finally gotten around to doing one.  Here is A Day in the Life of Nessbow:


Starting the day with a cup of tea each.  Mine is in my Howarts mug.  Ross’s is in his Disappearing Tardis mug.


A nautical scarf, Frida Kahlo braids and red lippie to start the day.


Jelly settling in for a nap on her favourite blanket


Writing and editing a blog post.


Ringo, my little blogging buddy.  He usually naps next to me while I’m writing.


Ross comes home for lunch.  I make Pastizzi, which we eat together.


Wrapping up some items that I sold from my etsy store.  I then make a quick trip to the post office to send them off.


A package arrives.  It’s a gift from Ross: a bunch of hand-painted Disney dolls.


Brogues on wet grass.  Bringing the washing in before the night air gets to it.


Ross comes home from work.  Hand-holding ensues.  (How funny that we’re both wearing stripes).


Delicious dinner of slow-cooked tacos.  Yummo!

After six, there was really nothing else to take photos of.  I changed into my P.Js, and we lazed about on the couch and watched Red Dwarf.

So there you have it, a day in the life of me!


    • Thanks! I think I’mm always at my best in the morning. That’s why I always take my outfit shots as early as possible. By mid-afternoon, I’ve usually got a serious case of the can’t-be-asseds.

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