Fashion Challenge #1: print clashing.

Welcome to a brand-new feature on Nessbow.  Every few weeks, I’m going to set a Fashion Challenge for my readers.  These challenges are designed to push you out of your comfort zone and get you experimenting with new looks.  I’ll post a challenge, and style an outfit of my own.  Then it’s your turn!  Create your own outfit, working within the parameters of the challenge.  C’mon, let’s get started!

I’m ecstatic about this very first Fashion Challenge post!  I was trying my darndest to think of a way to encourage all my readers to try new things and break their wardrobe habits.   Setting regular fashion challenges seemed like a great way to do it.  I realise that leaping outside your comfort zone is somewhat terrifying, but it’s a lot less scary if you’re not alone.  I’ll be right by your side, coaxing you through each challenge, offering ideas and encouraging you to share your finished outfits.  It’s going to be loads of fun!

Today’s challenge is:

Wear two (or more) prints in the one outfit.

Clashing prints is a tricky trend to get the hang of.  Trying to get two prints to cooperate can be a bit overwhelming.  Here’s a couple of hints to help you out:

– Choose prints with similar colours.  For example, pair a blue green and purple pucci print with a blue and white striped pattern.

– Anchor print-clashed outfits with blocks of solid colour.  Try wearing plain coloured shoes or carrying a black handbag.  If you’re wearing a printed shirt with wild tights, put a block-coloured skirt in between.

– Mix and match prints of different sizes: a bold striped tee with a dainty polka-dotted skirt or a bright floral dress with shoes sprinkled with tiny stars.

Here’s my print-clashing ensemble:

I am wearing:

– Red and white polka-dot headband (gift from Ross)

– Bambi pendant from Diva

– Red and white polka dot tee from Free Fusion at Target

– Brown vintage gloves from The Dookie Emporium

– Black and white pinstripe pants (thrifted)

– Black buckle mules from Diana Ferrari

– Cat’s eye glasses from Clearly Contacts.

I decided to pair two more demure prints; pinstripe and polka dots.  I did this to show you that print-clashing needn’t be scary.  You don’t have to use wild or outlandish prints, the ‘safe’ prints we’ve all got floating about in our wardrobes work just as well.  These prints both have shades of white in them, which helps to tie the look together.  I also paired larger polka-dots with more subtle pinstripes, so that the overall effect wasn’t too overwhelming.   I anchored the look with basic black shoes.

It’s been a mighty chilly day, so I wrapped myself in this divine pashmina to keep the shivers at bay.  This was another gift from Ross’s Mum.  She has such excellent taste!

Now it’s your turn.  Put together an outfit that clashes two prints.  And wear it all day.  If you complete this fashion challenge, please leave a comment telling me what you wore.  Even better, if you have a blog of your own, snap a picture of it and leave a link to your post, so we can all check it out.

Have fun, gorgeous!

If you’d like more fashion inspiration, check out my e-book: Nessbow’s Guide to Developing Your Personal Style.  You can buy it for just $5 in my etsy store, or by contacting for a Paypal or credit card invoice.

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