Product review: Rosa Arctica youth regenerating cream from Kiehl’s

This product was sent to me for my consideration. 

I’m 26 now, so I figure it’s high time that I start to look for a good anti-ageing cream.  Not because I’m old, you see, but because I dream of being one of those ladies who evokes exclamations of “You’re how old?!” many years down the track.

So when Kiehl’s sent me a deluxe sample of their new youth regenerating facial cream, I was keen to give it a whirl.

The product comes in a little pot, which is very sturdy and doesn’t break when you drop it (this is very important when you’re as klutzy as me).  The packaging is a seafoam green shade, which is very pretty but unobtrusive.  I don’t normally buy products in jars, because I find it hard to get to the product without it caking up underneath my fingernails.  However, the consistency of this cream would make it impossible to dispense from a bottle.

I found the texture of this product a bit unusual.  It was much thicker than any face cream I’ve ever tried.  It is also slightly waxy when it first comes out of the jar.  This makes it tricky to spread.  I found the best approach was to work the product between my fingers before applying it to my face.

Once the cream was on my face, it had a very smooth, matte texture.  It didn’t leave any oily residue and sank right into the skin.  After application, my skin felt silky to touch.

The Rosa Artica cream has only a very light scent, which I like.  I have found that all the Kiehl’s products I’ve tried so far have a similar, natural scent.

I’ve been using this as a night cream for three weeks.  It’s been a wonderful way to finish up my pre-bed beauty routine.  My sensitive skin has remained clear and undisturbed.  I haven’t really noticed much difference in the overall appearance of my skin.  However, I should point out that I’m only 26, and I take ridiculously good care of my skin, so I don’t have a whole lot of damage to repair.  I did notice that the texture of my skin has improved.  My face feels noticeably softer to touch, and the skin is plumper.  My skin certainly feels younger, even if it doesn’t look younger.

The Rosa Arctica youth regenerating cream is available on the Kiehl’s website and from all Kiehl’s outlets.

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