Things I Love Thursday 14/6/2012

Happy Thursday, lovely readers?  What’s making  you grin this week?  Have you been somewhere special? Eaten something scrumptious?  Done something amazing?  If so, then it’s time to share, because that’s what we do on Thursdays!


This week, I love:

– All of the people who sent me lovely birthday messages, cards, presents and well-wishes.  It really made the day super special.


– Visits with my little cousins, William and Abbey.  I spent Monday afternoon with them, and it was a real treat.  Will isn’t even two yet, and he already knows his ABC, which blows me away.  Abbey is just adorable, with her huge eyes and gurgly smile.  Will still hasn’t mastered calling me “Ness” yet, so I get called “Mess” instead.


-Jelly-cat.  She’s just so adorable.  This photo was taken on the night of my birthday, not long after she’d been told off for trying to steal party food.


– Chocolate crackles.  They just evoke memories of childhood parties and violent games of pass the parcel.


– Catching up on piles of emails, and feeling a wave of relief when I look at my empty inbox.


– Long weekends.


-These tights, which are covered in tiny stilettos.  They were a gift from Ross’s mum.


– Emails from old college friends.


– Getting out my Harry Potter lego again.  It’s been boxed up since we moved, but I’ve finally had a chance to play with it again.


-Outnumbered: Ross and I have been watching this hilarious British show for the past week, and I’m totally hooked.  It’s about an average family with three obnoxious children.  My favorite is the little girl.  She’s only seven, but she talks like she’s eighty.  Also, she acts out reality T.V shows with her stuffed toys, which is pants-wettingly funny.


-Steven Fry.  I just finished reading his autobiography, and it was awesome.  I don’t know how, but he’s managed to cram four lifetimes’ of achievement into just over fifty years.  I don’t know how he does it, but it’s incredible.


What are you loving this Thursday?  Shout it loud and proud in the comments section!


  1. Happy belated birthday, beautiful Ness! I hope you had the most extraordinary day! LOVE those stiletto tights.

    Today I’m adoring:

    x Successful cooking experiments. Yeehah!
    x Instagram (I know. I’m embarrassingly obsessed!)
    x Holiday planning
    x Cuter-than-cute text messages from friends
    x You and your lovely blog!

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